Monday Night Wars: Lex Luger Shows Up On The First Nitro

This week marks 21 years since WCW Monday Nitro debuted. Holy hell, does that make me feel old. Nitro went unopposed that night as RAW was preempted. So Eric Bischoff and WCW new that the eyes of the wrestling world were on them. They needed to get people talking. And they did.

Lex Luger had been in WCW before. In 1992, he left. Eventually he joined the WWE. Vince McMahon wanted to push Lex Luger as the next Hulk Hogan. But he never fully went through with it. Luger never won the WWE Title, and after Wrestlemania 10 was stuck in the mid-card for the remainder of his run. Luger’s contract was up. He lead Vince McMahon to believe he would be back. But behind the scenes, Luger was working out a deal with Eric Bischoff.

If you’ve seen the interviews on the subject, you know that Bischoff wasn’t a fan of Luger’s. He offered Luger 20% of what he was making when he was initially in WCW. Bischoff talked to Luger pretty much as a courtesy to Sting. To Bischoff’s surprise, Luger accepted his offer. And on the first episode of Monday Nitro, Lex Luger appeared.

The Monday Night War was officially on!

Justin C (@JCWonka)