WWE Monday Night RAW 9.5.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. I Never Want the Chris Jericho/Kevin Owens Pairing to End

-I know that it has to at some point. And I know the eventual feud that these two will have after the break-up will be great. Owens and Jericho are too talented to not have a good feud when they break-up. I’d save the match for Wrestlemania. I doubt the WWE will though.

But the pairing of Owens and Jericho has worked out fantastically so far. I was getting bored of Jericho earlier in the year. Now I can’t wait to see him on my TV with Owens every week. The fact that Jericho continues to reinvent himself throughout the years is tremendous. And with Owens as the Universal Champion he will continue to be great as well. This pairing should be stretched as long as possible.

2. I’m Still Not Feeling This Sheamus vs Cesaro Best Of 7

-And it has nothing to do with Sheamus being up 3-0. We all know that Cesaro will fight his way back to tie the series at 3-3. But as far as I can remember, there is nothing for the winner of this series. Originally they had a match where Mick Foley promised the winner a Championship opportunity. But then they had another match, then they announced the best of seven. So as far as I know, that opportunity still isn’t there. So is this just for bragging rights? That is kind of lame if it is. There should be something at the end of this to make it all worthwhile.

3. What The Hell Is Going On With Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson?

-I’m sure Vince McMahon was rolling around laughing backstage at that segment. But my god was it awful. I don’t know why the WWE feels the need to add comedy to the act of pretty much every one of their performers. They didn’t need to do it with Anderson and Gallows. They should be treated as natural ass kickers out to destroy their competition. Instead they are trying to add a comedic side to them and it just isn’t their style. They NEED to beat the New Day at Clash of the Champions. If that doesn’t happen then there may be no coming back for them.

4. Solid Delivery From Sasha Banks On Her Promo, But…

-Sasha really sold me on her promo. The way she was delivering it was tremendous. She had me buying into the idea that she was actually retiring. Once Dana Brooke came out you knew it was all an angle to set up a match with Charlotte at Clash of the Champions, but it was well done before that.

However, the Stephanie McMahon worshiping that continues to happen during a promo about the women in the WWE is nauseating. Yes, it was all Stephanie McMahon who started the women’s revolution. It had nothing to do with the matches the Four Horsewomen were having in NXT. It had everything to do with Stephanie McMahon. A woman in power. A woman who is in power and got to where she is because of her last name. Stephanie started this revolution and is so involved in it right now, isn’t she? JUST SHUT UP ABOUT HER ALREADY.

5. Kevin Owens Was Great In His First Night As Universal Champion

-Owens opening promo was good. He is still going to get cheered by his die hard fans regardless of what he says, but he did a good job of getting some heel heat back on himself. His promo exchange with Rollins was good. Owens will be the perfect heel to get Rollins solidly a face. Rollins showed great fire in his promo. Then of course Owens had a good match with Zayn. Owens didn’t look out of place as the top guy on RAW. And he should get a good match out of Roman Reigns next week.



Bayley defeated Charlotte in a non-title match

Bo Dallas defeated a jobber. Yes, you read that right.

The Shining Stars defeated Enzo and Cass. YES, you read that right. They won with the roll-up distraction of death.

Nia Jax defeated a jobber.

BRRRAAAAUUUNNNNN Strowman defeated Sin Cara via countout

Darren Young defeated Jinder Mahal

Seth Rollins defeated Chris Jericho

Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn

OVERALL: The first hour of the show was pretty good. After that it all went down hill. The Cruiserweights are going to be a gift from god in two weeks because they will help distract from a lot of the crap. The Club/New Day segment was awful, and it was followed by an equally awful Darren Young/Jinder Mahal match. The main event was good, and I fully expect Rusev to cost Roman Reigns his match next week.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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