WWE Cruiserweight Classic Quarterfinals Results 9.7.16


Zack Sabre Jr. vs Noam Dar

-Sabre works Dar to the mat early. Dar gets to the corner to break a headlock, then catches ZSJ with an elbow and dropkick to the knee.

-ZSJ starts working over the arm of Dar.

-While ZSJ is going after the arm, Dar goes to the legs of ZSJ and awkwardly knocks him off the ropes.

-Dar hits an uppercut and does a little too much celebrating. ZSJ comes back with a half nelson German suplex.

-Each man goes for a submission. ZSJ escapes and hits a penalty kick on Dar.

-Dar gets ZSJ on the apron and kicks him in the knee. He follows it up with a bicycle kick and suicide dive to the outside.

-ZSJ lands some strikes and goes for an armbar but Dar rolls into a pin attempt. ZSJ keeps the armbar on but Dar gets to the ropes.

-ZSJ misses a double knee. Dar goes to the top and hits a stomp on the leg of ZSJ.

-Dar goes for the kneebar but ZSJ rolls to the outside with Dar.

-Both men exchange kicks. ZSJ rolls through into a submission. He applies a modified Rings of Saturn. But since his arms were being worked over, ZSJ brings Dar’s arms together with his legs behind Dar’s back. Dar submits.

WINNER: Zack Sabre Jr.

Rich Swann vs T.J. Perkins

-Perkins reverses a wrist lock into a head scissors and does a dab. But Swann catches him mid-dab and applies a head scissors of his own.

-Swann, the entertainer of the CWC, isn’t happy with Perkins dabbing.

-Swann takes out Perkins and dabs right in front of him. The aggression then picks up between the two.

-They go to the outside where Swann goes for a moonsault from the apron. Swann lands on his feet but tweaks his leg. Perkins then hits a springboard dropkick.

-Perkins goes to work on the injured leg of Swann.

-Swann tries to comeback but Perkins catches him with a double knee drop to the chest.

-Both men go to the top. Perkins eventually gets control and hits a frankensteiner from the top.

-Swann tries another comeback. He hits a cartwheel moonsault.

-Swann goes for the standing 450. But Perkins grabs the leg of Swann and applies the kneebar but Swann gets to the ropes.

-They exchange kicks. Swann tries running the ropes but his leg gives out.

-Swann rolls and goes for the DDT. But Perkins catches him and hits a Pele kick then reapplies the kneebar. Swann gives up.

WINNER: T.J. Perkins

-The Semifinals are set: Zack Sabre Jr. vs Gran Metalik and Kota Ibushi vs T.J. Perkins.

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