WTF Friday: Katie Vick

You know, if I really wanted to, I could dedicate this whole Friday series to the Kane character. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard to do.

This Friday we look at the Katie Vick angle. If you remember, in 2003, Triple H revealed that Kane was a murderer. Katie Vick had died in a car crash, and according to Triple H, Kane had sex with her afterwards. What followed was five minutes of some of the most uncomfortable TV that the WWE has aired. And that is saying something.

To say that this was universally hated was an understatement. It was awful. There are no redeeming qualities to it. Kane would go on to lose to Triple H, because no one beat 2002-2003 Triple H.

I would say enjoy. But instead I’ll tell you to wash your eyes out after watching this.

Justin C (@JCWonka)