The Monday Night War: Lex Luger Wins The WCW Title


Hulk Hogan had been WCW Champion for almost a year. He won it at Hog Wild in 1996 from The Giant and didn’t lose it. Hogan and the nWo were in control of their battle with WCW.

Then on the 100th episode of WCW Monday Nitro, WCW finally won a round. Lex Luger was facing Hulk Hogan at Road Wild that coming Sunday. But Luger got a shot at the Title on the Nitro. And he made the most of it.

Luger was really over at this point. He received pretty loud pops when he came out. And with the Sting/Hogan showdown not coming until Starrcade, WCW needed someone to challenge Hogan. Luger did, and he won the WCW Title.

The move itself was pretty much a ratings ploy by WCW to spike the ratings. It also created buzz going into Hog Wild with people wondering if Hogan would get the Title back, which he did. But Luger deserved this moment for the hard work he put in that year.

Justin C (@JCWonka)