WWE RAW 9.12.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. Charlotte Generates Good Heat, But Her Way Of Speaking Is Weird

-I know that there are a good amount of critics of Charlotte. People have criticized her pretty much since she turned heel. I’m always quick to defend her. She was sloppy during the SummerSlam match with Sasha Banks. But she isn’t as bad as people make her out to be.

Charlotte does a good job of generating heat during her promos. Did you hear the crowd pop when Dana Brooke slapped Charlotte? People want to see her get beat up and get what is coming. And the material that Charlotte has for her promos is good. People boo her when she talks. But her cadence is all out of wack. Like, she can’t control the volume of her voice. It is almost like she was just unfrozen and has trouble controlling THE VOLUME OF HER VOICE. How has she not figured that out yet?

2. I’m Okay With This Bo Dallas Push

-For the second week in a row, Bo Dallas squashed a jobber on RAW. Bo has a new gimmick going for him. He comes to the ring with a “Bo-Lieve In Bo” sign. It looks just like Donald Trump signs. Then he rhymes his words and threatens the jobber he is about to destroy.

Bo’s look doesn’t scream dangerous. So they have to put him over with his work in the ring. His offense looks vicious so it is working. I would say that you have to change his ring gear. But his old ring gear made him look even worse. So I don’t know what you do there. Unlike Braun, I think Bo should get a feud sooner rather than later.

3. New Day vs Gallows and Anderson Needs To End At Clash of the Champions

-There’s absolutely nothing this feud could do to keep me entertained for another month. The New Day is getting stale. Anderson and Gallows NEED to win the Tag Titles to have any credibility left as a team. And New Day needs to lose the Title to freshen up their act. Something needs to be done to make both of these acts feel different. And a Title switch should do just that.

4. The Cruiserweights Should Add A Breath Of Fresh Air To RAW

-RAW has been stale the last few weeks. We got the Kevin Owens Title win. But everything else seems to be stuck in neutral on RAW. The Cruiserweights showing up next week should freshen things up a little bit. You get a brand new set of wrestlers to showcase to the WWE fans. Hopefully, all of their matches get 10-12 minutes on TV. If you have two or three of them a week that almost takes up a whole hour with commercials. And I’d be okay with that. Plus it doesn’t make you stretch wrestlers over multiple segments. That can be tiresome.

5. I Wonder If Roman Reigns Ever Gets Back To The Top

-Roman Reigns lost again on RAW. Sure, it was because of a distraction by Rusev. But he still ended up losing the match. Rusev fooled us all by saying he was going to be on his honeymoon for awhile still on Twitter. This sets up Rusev vs Roman Reigns at Clash of the Champions for the U.S. Title.

Roman really doesn’t need the Title. He does nothing for it. A long Rusev reign would help someone get over eventually when he beats him. Reigns isn’t that guy. I also wonder if Reigns will ever get to the top again. I’m sure he will be WWE Champion someday. But I doubt he ever becomes the face of the company. Especially with so many people out performing him on both shows. I would love for Reigns to turn like his cousins the Usos. I don’t get why they don’t do it. Reigns has a spot on the roster but I don’t think it will ever be at the top again.


Sasha Banks defeated Bayley and Dana Brooke to become the #1 Contender for the Women’s Championship- Sasha pinned Bayley, but both of their shoulders were on the ground. I expect a Triple Threat to result

Bo Dallas defeated a Jobber

Cesaro defeated Sheamus, making the Best of 7 now 3-2 Sheamus

Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox ended in a No Contest when Nia speared Alicia through the barricade

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson defeated Kofi Kingston and Xaiver Woods in a non-title match

Jinder Mahal defeated Jack Swagger

Epico defeated Enzo Amore

Kevin Owens defeated Roman Reigns

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