WWE Smackdown Live 9.13.16 Five Snarky Thoughts w/ Cameron Dougharty

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The Era of AJ Styles has Begun

  1. AJ Styles debuted just eight months ago at the Royal Rumble and has been on the fast track to the to ever since. Unlike the other top dog bad guy in the WWE, Kevin Owens, AJ’s heel character is too easy to like and relate to. AJ begins his journey as the WWE Champion defending his newly won title at Clash of Champions not only against Dean Ambrose but John Cena was added to the mix on Tuesday night.

The Miz is Great but NEVER will be Daniel Bryan Great

      2. The Miz just may be in the greatest, not only championship reign, but the greatest form of his WWE career. He has been the Intercontinental Champion for longer than most fans may have wanted but everything started to click when Miz picked on the one guy nobody wants to see picked on, Daniel Bryan. The Miz had a great match with Dolph Ziggler at Backlash and continues to shine but until Daniel Bryan steps up and picks a worthy Superstar to step in his place to slap the taste out of Miz’s mouth. Ziggler has failed, the up and coming Apollo Crews failed, so who’s next? The Smackdown roster is a little thin with guys who could take the title from The Miz, other than Dean Ambrose or even John Cena himself who is it going to be? The cruiserweight division debuts this Monday on Raw, why not let one of those guys slip through the cracks and debut on Smackdown? Johnny Gargano anyone?

Becky Lynch is the Women’s Champion, what’s next?

        3. Heading into Backlash the smart money was on Nikki Bella becoming the first Smackdown Live Women’s champion but the underdog from Ireland, Becky Lynch, won the five way match. The WWE’s latest trend of pushing NXT and top indy talent has split over not only into the Raw women’s division but Smackdown Live’s division as well. Alexa Bliss picked up the victory on Tuesday over Nikki, Carmella, Naomi and Natalya. Becky may be the quote un quote ‘B show’ champion but she can and will deliver A quality matches, let’s all hope Alexa brings the same.

Heath Slater and Rhyno Forever

         4. When American Alpha was taken out of the Smackdown Live tag team tournament the new, instant fan favorite eventually would become the first ever Smackdown live tag team champions. Heath Slater has taken every angle, segment, whatever the WWE has given him and made gold out of it. From his legend segment at Raw 1,000 to leading the 3MB Slater’s want to be great just shoots right out of the television at you. Slater signed his Smackdown Live contract then successfully defended his titles against The Ascension. Slater being back in the WWE limelight but how great must Rhyno feel as he gets one more time in shine on the largest scale in the professional wrestling world.

The WWE sure has RKO’d this Feud

           5. Randy Orton wasn’t cleared to wrestle at Backlash because he suffered a legitimate injury at the hands of Brock Lesnar, so in WWE fashion Bray Wyatt attacked Orton backstage which led to Wyatt LOSING to Kane later in the night. On paper a Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt feud has money written all over it. Orton can talk, Wyatt can talk his way into the Presidental Election. Both guys have a great, story telling driven wrestling style but boy oh boy has the WWE dropped the ball. Until Orton is 100% ready to go keep them both on the mic against each other and stir this sinking ship in the right direction.

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