Tag Team Tuesday: Demoltion vs The Hart Foundation SummerSlam 1990

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We go back to the glory days of tag team wrestling in this week’s edition of Tag Team Tuesday.

This time we go to SummerSlam 1990. Demolition were heels again, and also the Tag Team Champions. Ax was also in bad health, so they brought in Crush as the third member of Demolition. The Hart Foundation were the challengers for the tag team titles. The Harts were rising in popularity at the time. Meanwhile, the WWF had brought in the Legion of Doom to feud with Demolition.

What we got was a very good match between both teams. Demoltion used heel tactis by using all three members of the team, because for some reason the ref couldn’t tell Ax different from Smash or Crush. L.O.D. got involved at the end, and they set things straight. Demolition went completely down hill after this.


Justin C (@JCWonka)