Woman Crush Wednesday: Trish Stratus Goes Out As Champion

Trish Stratus had a remarkable WWE career. She started off as a manager. Pretty much eye candy if we are being honest. But she didn’t want to be just that. She wanted to be more. And what resulted was a remarkable career.

Trish became one of the best female in-ring competitors the WWE had ever seen. She became the face of the women’s division. Her rivalry with Lita might go down as the best women’s rivalry in the company’s history. It all came to an end in 2006. People knew Trish was on her way out. So she had one more match with Lita for the Women’s Championship. If Trish won, she would go out and retire as Champ.

The match took place in Trish’s hometown of Toronto. And it was a proper sendoff for one of the better female workers that the WWE had ever seen. The match took place 10 years ago this month.

Justin C (@JCWonka)