Women Crush Wednesday: Elizabeth and Randy Savage Reunite

woman crush wednesday

Oh the times of simplicity in wrestling.

The time: 1991. The place: Wrestlemania 7. The Macho Man Randy Savage had just lost a career ending match to the Ultimate Warrior. It is one of my favorite matches in Wrestlemania history. The story told by both men was great.

When Randy Savage turned heel, he dropped Elizabeth as his manager and teamed up with Sensational Sherri. For the most part, Elizabeth largely disappeared from the WWF. She made an apperance at Wrestlemania 6 appearing in the corner of Dusty Rhodes.

But she came to Wrestlemania 7 to watch this match. After Savage lost, Sherri started kicking and hitting a worn down Savage. Elizabeth had enough and came to the ring, pulling Sherri off Savage. When Savage came to, he was confused by what was going on. He looks at Elizabeth and wonders what to do. He finally embraces her and wrestling’s greatest couple is finally reunited. They would go on to “get married” at SummerSlam, although they were married in real life years ago.

It is a great Wrestlemania moment. And it reminds me of when times were simple.

Justin C (@JCWonka)