Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 9.28.16

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-Dario Cueto runs into Sexy Star backstage. He says she must afraid to cash in her Gift of the Gods Title against Matanza. Sexy says she isn’t afraid, in a really shrill voice. He tells her she is in an 8 man tag tonight. Johnny Mundo then comes in, he tells Sexy he is the next Gift of the Gods Champion.

Prince Puma vs Sinestro de la Muerte

-Vampiro points out that Puma isn’t playing up to the fans too much. He is staying focused on his opponent.

-We’re back to the over-amplified mic around the ring as Puma lands a dropkick and kick to the back.

-Sinestro double stomps Puma’s head to the ground with his knees.

-Mil comes out and charges at Puma but Puma leap frogs him. Puma then hits a Michinoku Driver and Mil’s own Flatliner as Mil watches on to pick up the win.

-After the match Puma dives to the outside to take out Mil. They brawl a little until Catrina pulls Mil away.

WINNER: Prince Puma

-Cortez Castro ends up in Dario’s office. Dario hugs him and says he will do whatever it takes to find Mr. Cisco’s killer. Dario tells Cortez he has a match.

Cortez Castro vs Pentagon Dark

-This is a quick squash. Pentagon hits the Package Piledriver for the win. Then he breaks Cortez Castro’s arm.

-After the match Pentagon says it doesn’t matter who wins between Chavo Guerrero and Dragon Azteca Jr. Whoever wins will suffer the same result as everyone else.

Aerostar, Fenix, Drago, Sexy Star vs The Worldwide Underground

-Sexy and Taya exchange some weak looking offense to start. Taya softly runs into a boot in the corner.

-Drago catapults Black into Aerostar, who gives Black a pretty stiff looking forearm.

-Aerostar tags in Fenix, who literally runs right into a superkick from Mundo. It looked so stupid on Fenix’s part.

-Fenix recovers and gets some offense in. He tags in Sexy Star. But Mundo pulls her into his corner and all four heels lay the boots to Sexy.

-The heels dominate Sexy Star. Black holds her in the ropes, but she ducks and Mundo accidentally kicks him. Taya gets the same fate. Sexy tags in Drago.

-Lots of action everywhere. Fenix gets revenge on Mundo and superkicks him. Sexy takes out Taya, who appears to land on her leg badly and might be really hurt. Sexy crucifixes Evans, but Mundo catches her with a superkick. Evans pins Sexy for the win.

WINNERS: Worldwide Underground

-Catrina snaps the neck of Sinestro de la Muerte. She then sucks out his soul? and blows it into Mil Muertes. She tells Mil it’s time to do the same thing to Prince Puma. But if Sinestro de la Muerte was already dead, did he actually have a soul?

Dragon Azteca Jr vs Chavo Guerrero w/Rey Mysterio Jr as Special Guest Referee

-Oh good Chavo in the main event!

-The winner of this match gets a match with Pentagon Dark. As you may remember, Pentagon broke both of these men’s arms last season.

-Chavo immediately questions the first count of the night by Rey.

-Submission moves are exchanged early on. Dragon Azteca goes to dive to the outside, but Chavo catches him and rams him into the railing.

-There are actually people chanting “Lets Go Chavo!” These people should be removed from the Temple immediately and banned for life.

-Chavo gets in Rey’s face after Rey makes him break a hold when Dragon Azteca Jr gets to the ropes. Chavo punches Rey. Rey returns the favor. Azteca then hits a hurricarrana into a pin for the win. Rey hits a 619 for good measure afterwards.

WINNER: Dragon Azteca Jr.

-Black Lotus apparently has a Triad with her now, here to take out Pentagon Dark.

OVERALL: A fairly inoffensive show today. Nothing bad, but nothing great either. The 8 person tag was good. I wonder if Taya was actually hurt. It appeared like she might be. You can tell what the early storylines are building to with Mil/Puma, Sexy Star/Mundo and Dragon Azteca Jr/Pentagon.

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