The Monday Night Wars: Chris Jericho Wins The WWF Title! (Or Did He?)

Monday Night Wars

One thing that is REALLY missing from the WWE nowadays is the surprise and unexpected moments that the Attitude Era gave us. You need a shock factor to get people talking. And that was especially needed during the Monday Night Wars era to get people to change the channel.

Of course by 2000, the WWF was pretty firmly ahead in the War. WCW was in the rear view mirror and the WWF wasn’t looking back. But 2000 was also one of the best years in the history of the WWF. They had GREAT storylines and made a good amount of money. They also had great TV. And RAW was on fire.

Chris Jericho was somewhat floundering since his debut on RAW interrupting The Rock. He was putting on good matches with the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. But he needed a breakout. And some thought that came here. The McMahon-Helmsley regime was in full power. Jericho challenged Triple H to put the WWF Title on the line. After a ref bump, Earl Hebner came down. Triple H and Hebner were not on the best of terms. He fast counted for Jericho, giving him the WWF Title win. Hebner was forced by Triple H to reverse the decision later. I still think they could have given him a week or two reign before he lost again.

Enjoy that great moment here:

Justin C (@JCWonka)