WWE RAW 10.3.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. The Roman Reigns vs Rusev Feud Still Makes Zero Sense

-I’m still not a fan of where the feud is going. The intensity is there to make it a Hell In A Cell match. But everything that Reigns is doing SCREAMS heel, while Rusev is coming off as more of a face. At least this week they didn’t bring up Rusev defending his wife’s honor.

My favorite part of Reigns interaction with Lana was when Reigns said to Lana, “You are the only woman in the world to pay attention to Rusev.” Um, Roman, can you not see the woman standing in front of you? If Lana was the only woman in the world to pay attention to me I would be completely okay with it. They had a good brawl but anytime Reigns speaks on the mic it sounds like he is the heel.

2. Titus O’Neil Will Never Get Over As A Singles Star

-Before his match against Sami Zayn, Titus O’Neil said he was starting the “Titus O’Neil Brand” this week, with the hashtag of MakeItAWin. I know that Titus is a great PR guy for the WWE, but I just don’t think he will ever be a star in the WWE. Hell, he can’t even be a glorified mid-carder. I’ve always thought that his head doesn’t fit right with his body. And he doesn’t have the in-ring work or promo ability to make it on his own. He needs to be back in a tag team to have any kind of relevance as a wrestler in the WWE.

3. I Enjoyed New Day More Than I Have In A Long Time Tonight

-The interaction between New Day and Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho was great tonight. Jericho continues to be the highlight of RAW every week with his “list” and IT catchphrase. And Owens is a great partner to have. New Day played off Jericho’s comedy this week. Owens saying New Day jumped the shark then New Day saying Owens has never jumped over anything was great. Then the tag team match that they had was good. But when you keep New Day’s comedy short and to the point, they come off better than they have in recent weeks.

4. Don’t Hold Back The Cruiserweight Division

-So far the matches in the cruiserweight division have been fine. But they have not been the standout matches that we saw in the Cruiserweight Classic. There were reports that the WWE was going to tone down the cruiserweights on RAW. And so far that has been holding back the division. The crowd reaction to them so far is lukewarm at best. T.J. Perkins received a good reaction tonight, but they were also in his hometown of LA. Last week there were CM Punk chants (which continue to get stupider and stupider to do). They need to take the reigns of the cruisers and let them shine like they did in the CWC. They won’t overshadow the RAW stars at all.

5. The Women Shine In The Main Event

-Sasha Banks and Charlotte had a very good match on RAW. They hyped that the match would be the main event of the show throughout. I really hope the ratings stayed strong for them, because these two deserve it. I don’t think it was on the level of their first RAW match. But it had the crowd invested throughout and on their feet during the last few minutes. Charlotte needs to never do that corkscrew moonsault off the top again. It looks good, but the delivery HAS to be perfect. Charlotte barely caught Sasha with her elbow. I would like to see this feud end inside Hell In A Cell. I think the feud deserves it more than any other feud in the WWE right now.

-There was a video package for Emma, showing recent photoshoots. It said “The Makeover from Emma to Emmalina” coming soon. Hey if it means more Emma in bikini shots I’m okay with it. Hopefully they still focus on her wrestling though.

Match Results

Brian Kendrick defeated T.J. Perkins in a non-title match

BRAUNNNNN Strowman defeated Chase Silver- BRAUN demanded a tougher challenge next week

Sami Zayn defeated Titus O’Neil

New Day defeated Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

Tony Nese defeated Rich Swann

Cesaro and Sheamus defeated Two Jobbers

Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte to win the RAW Women’s Championship

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Justin C

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