Tag Team Tuesday: The Outsiders vs Lex Luger and The Giant

tag team tuesday

We venture back to WCW to look at this week’s Tag Team Tuesday. And it again takes place during the Monday Night War period.

We look at Superbrawl 1997. The Outsiders defended the WCW Tag Team Titles against Lex Luger and The Giant. Despite how over the Outsiders were, people wanted to see them lose the Tag Team Titles. The month before, the Steiners won the Titles but had them stripped the next night.

Here The Giant had left the nWo a month earlier. Luger had a hand injury at the time and came in late to the match. But Luger was also very over at the time. Luger put Nash in the Torture Rack and Nash gave up. But in typical nWo fashion, the Titles were returned to the Outsiders the next night because Lex Luger did not have proper medical clearance to compete. And that killed a good amount of the coolness from the nWo.

Here’s the finish of the match.

Justin C @JCWonka