WWE Smackdown Live 10.4.16: Five Snarky Thoughts w/ Cameron Dougharty

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Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton Play Skype Phone Tag

  1. Randy Orton is that bad ass city boy who knows buying a house in a back woods town would save him millions but then he would have neighbors like Bray Wyatt. The two simply just can’t see eye to eye or video package to video package. These two have taken this role as the ‘top guys on Smackdown with nothing to do so let’s pair them together’ and have turned water into wine. Has Randy seen the lack of light using Wyatt’s own tricks against him? Bet you weren’t counting on that call back Sister Abigil angle to bite you, did ya Randy?


Hard Times, Nikki Bella

      2. Nikki Bella is the longest reigning Divas Champion in WWE History. Immediately after that the Women’s Championship was rebranded, not because of such dominance from Nikki, it was simply because there was a laundry list of women ready to take her place. While Nikki was the champion she became a better overall wrestler, created a new finishing move, which ultimately led her down the path of injured WWE Champions. Those were much simpler times for Nikki. After she returned I expected Nikki to become the first Smackdown Live Women’s Champion but truly Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss had passed her up. Out with the sorta old, and in with the NXT crowd. 


This is your Life, Dolph Ziggler

        3. The internet is running rampant this week, not about TNA OR GOLDBERG, but with the rumors that Sunday at No Mercy really could be the end for Dolph Ziggler. Reports say Dolph is going to become a backstage producer, some say he will continue to comedic career, hell at this point he may go full fledged and become a politician. To add more fuel to the fire Ziggler tweeted out this week all bookings starting October 10th would go through someone outside of the WWE. Is this really it for Ziggler? Maybe for a little while, besides I was way off last week predicting Ziggler would end The Miz’s best title run of his career.

Jack Swagger > Apollo Crews?

         4. Apollo Crews was neck deep in a feud with Baron Corbin then, gone. Apollo hasn’t appeared on Smackdown Live in weeks and was replaced with Jack Swagger of all people. In all sincerity Jack should have been given his ‘best of luck in your future endeavors’ memo, tweet, text YEARS AGO. Sure he’s the easiest guy on the roster to incorporate into a USA against LITERALLY ANYONE feud but those angles are so far and few in-between now. Baron and Apollo had some decent matches for a low card feud so the question remains what did the boy with the perfect smile do wrong?

Styles, Cena and Ambrose show No Mercy, dumb I know.

         5. We all know John Cena is in the match (es) simply because he is healthy, wants to wrestle and there is nothing for the top guy to do. I have waited months, hell almost years to see this Dean Ambrose. He has been way too laid back since the dissolve of The Shield over two years ago and it’s about time the reckless Ambrose comes bursting out. Oh yeah, AJ Styles is still the champion, what a day to be alive. I see Styles retaining the title but moving on to who is the real question.

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