WTF Friday: Papa Shango Puts A Curse On The Ultimate Warrior


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The WWF in 1992 was at a low. Ticket sales, TV ratings and PPVs were all down. They were in the middle of a steroid and sex scandal. Hulk Hogan left after Wrestlemania. Sid was gone after less than a year. The WWF was looking to regroup.

Ultimate Warrior came back at Wrestlemania, and he started a feud with Papa Shango. Papa Shango was the first wrestle I was legitimately scared of as a kid. He put a curse on the Ultimate Warrior. Ultimate Warrior started convulsing at one point and then puked backstage. In this interview, Warrior starts to have this black goo come out of his head. It was really cartoonish and Wrestlecrap worthy.

The feud never got proper closure. Warrior one some house show and TV matches I believe, but no PPV.

Justin C (@JCWonka)