The Monday Night Wars: Goldberg Wins The United States Championship

Monday Night Wars

There’s been a good amount of talk about a potential Goldberg return this week, so we look at one of his memorable moments from his run in WCW.

But it is not when he won the World Title from Hulk Hogan.

Today we look back at when Goldberg won the United States Championship from Raven. The WCW audience wasn’t a big fan of Raven. He constantly found a way to get out of matches. The fans didn’t appreciate his work like the ECW audience did. He was a heel in WCW that actually was booed.

Goldberg was in the middle of his winning streak. The night before at Spring Stampede, Goldberg beat Saturn to earn the right to face new U.S. Champ Raven the next night. On Nitro, Raven destroyed the entire Flock then beat Raven to win the United States Title.

This was the start of Goldberg’s push up the card. A few months later, he would go on to defeat Hulk Hogan on Nitro to become World Champion.

Justin C (@JCWonka)