WWE Smackdown Live 10.11.16: Five Snarky Thoughts w/ Cameron Dougharty

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Dolph Ziggler’s Big Push is Finally Here, Again

  1. Dolph Ziggler and The Miz had the best match at No Mercy that also included an AJ Styles match and a Curt Hawkins sighting. Ziggler was expected to have the big push year after year after year, finally we all gave up. New fresh, cooler faces came to the WWE making Dolph vanish from our hierarchy of wrestlers we all hold dear to our often, breakable hearts. Instead of an NXT call up or the likes of Apollo Crews or even Baron Corbin stopping Miz’s 180 day plus run as Intercontinental Champion, instead Ziggler won, still has a job and apparently isn’t over it anymore? Dream scenario, Styles wants both titles, takes it and becomes the champion of the Smackdown Live Universe, FOREVER!


Shane & Daniel, the Best Dressed Crew


2. Survivor Series is coming fast and furious, no Vin Diesel isn’t wrestling The Rock, so in keeping with that tradition Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan challenged Raw to a traditional five on five match, then a five tag team on five tag team match, then a five women against five women match, THEN FIVE REFEREES AGAINST FIVE REFEREES, and THEN FIVE CONCESSION STAND WORKERS AGAINST FIVE CONCESSION WORKERS! Woah, Survivor Series is going to be, long.


James Ellsworth > Dean Ambrose?

   3. Dean Ambrose grew a beard in hopes of making Shane and Daniel mistake him for Styles and give him a title to carry. Dean was on to something with his relentless attitude, instead he went right back to the goofy, I don’t care if I win or lose guy. For that amazing turn of events Dean was awarded with a special guest referee assignment for the Styles and James Ellsworth match? Did I write that right? Anyways, HOW FREAKING PUMPED WAS ELLSWORTH INSIDE HIS MIND? Not only did the WWE bring him back to be on television again, he also got to wrestle one of the best in the world and it didn’t happen inside a school gym (not an insult btw). In true WWE fashion the match was a comedy act, Ambrose hit the Dirty Deeds on Styles and Ellsworth won the biggest match he will ever win, EVER!



David Otunga, Why Haven’t You Been Future Endeavored Yet?

   4. Raw’s three man announce team was worked since the brand split, Corey Graves was a huge upgrade to the color commentary side of Raw, Smackdown not so much. Mauro Ranallo and JBL are great but David Otunga makes me want to watch Smackdown on mute. He doesn’t chime in much but when he does it automatically takes away from anything Ranallo or JBL had just said. Otunga has done everything the WWE has ever asked him to do but his in ring career NEVER WENT ANYWHERE, what made Vince and Triple H think he would transition to commentary any better? The guy is a real life lawyer, go take some criminals off the streets and stop commenting crimes on my TV.

Kane & Randy Orton Tag Team because, Brand Split

     5. I made the argument that the WWE should put Orton and Bray Wyatt together as a tag team because, well the Smackdown tag team division is horrid minus American Alpha. Instead, Luke Harper returned at No Mercy and the band is back together again. Randy needed a partner and who better than the newly turned devil baby face guy, right? I mean, there is plenty of guys like Apollo Crews or even Baron Corbin who could easily benefit from a feud with top guys on Smackdown, but hey Kane is tall just like the other guys in the ring. There is plenty to want and get out of a feud with Wyatt and Orton, they both can play the mind game well, they both have a strong wrestling style but hey look, interference and playing tag in the backstage area sounds so much cooler, AM I RIGHT?