The Monday Night Wars: X-Pac Returns To The WWF

Monday Night Wars

In April 1998 you could feel the tides turning. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was on the rise and had just won the WWF Championship. The WWF started turning to an edgier product. And WCW completely botched the finish of the year long Sting/nWo rivalry.

The WWF was used to wrestler jumping ship to WCW. But they were finally able to get one back in 1998.

Shawn Michaels just lost the WWF Title to Steve Austin at Wrestlemania. Many people thought he would never wrestle again because of his back injury. Triple H came out on RAW to form a new version of D-X. Triple H took the reigns and said you had to look to your friends to get things right.

And out came X-Pac. He went on to rip into Eric Bischoff and continue the momentum the WWF had at the time.

Justin C (@JCWonka)