WWE Smackdown Live 10.18.16: Spewin’ Snark Five Thoughts w/ Cameron Dougharty


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Sister Abigil = Luke Harper

  1. For months, hell even years, Bray Wyatt has mentioned Sister Abigail would come make her presence known. A lot of time has passed but just a few weeks ago Wyatt was saved by Abigail again just about the same time Luke Harper returned to WWE television. Can Harper also be Abigail and Stephanie McMahon’s announcement that the WWE would implement transexual characters would come true? Sister Harper, is that you?  Randy Orton also had a match during all of these crazy thoughts in my mind against Harper. Bray interfered, Kane made the save, blah, blah, blah. As much as I want to hate this feud Orton and Bray have done a good job keeping this train a rolling, ya know, except for that whole Kane thing, anyone else in that spot (Apollo Crews, cough, cough) and I would have ZERO complaints.


Alexa Bliss the New Paige

      2. I’ve been saying for weeks and weeks that Alexa Bliss could and would benefit the most out of every women on the WWE roster when the brand split happened. She has been one of the few Superstars in general that has benefited from the split. Since her days in NXT she got better every time she was on television. Being paired with Blake and Murphy sure did help her in ring work and her confidence in her character only gets stronger as the weeks go by. Becky Lynch better bring her best when she comes back from injury or Alexa Bliss is going to be the queen of Tuesday nights.

Curt Hawkins Forever

        3. If Apollo Crews isn’t going to be inserted as Randy Orton’s tag team partner then being Curt Hawkins, almost, first match back on WWE TV then all is good with me. Crews is one of the recent NXT call ups that has incredible wrestling ability and is freakishly strong but doesn’t quite click for a lot of the WWE Universe. I really thought the WWE was going to keep Crews in a feud with The Miz over the Intercontinental Championship but we all know what route they took with that whole thing. Hawkins coming back to the WWE was a big deal to me. He was overlooked during his last WWE run so he went back to the indies and killed it everywhere he went. While that might necessarily be the reason the WWE brought him back it sure as hell didn’t hurt. Hawkins is a guy the WWE can easily rely on to keep a lower card feud hot. He has taken on the whole Eva Marie gimmick and absolutely hit a home run (too bad we can’t say the same thing for his Mets).

The ‘We Graduated 20 Years Ago’ Spirit Squad

        4. When The Miz brought back two members of the Spirit Squad several weeks back I thought, ‘that’s a nice touch by the WWE for a one off’, boy was I wrong. The Spirit Squad was a part of WWE history that I tend not to look too fondly of; why? Too many reasons to list in this recap. There time came and left five minutes after they returned. Instead The Miz has kept them around, this week to team up with against Dolph Ziggler and the Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Rhyno. Speaking of Superstars benefiting from the brand split an entire column could be written about Rhyno and Heath Slater winning that award. But what’s next for not only Rhyno and Slater but Ziggler too? I have a feeling American Alpha is coming for those tag titles soon but who does Ziggler defend his title against? (Assuming he even keeps it past a feud with The Miz)

Go Away James Ellsworth, You’re Drunk

          5. If you ever say Raw and Smackdown were and are treated as equal valued shows since the brand split just remember Raw ended with a returning Goldberg this week and for a second straight week Smackdown Live ended with a comedic match between AJ Styles, James Ellsworth and the goofy Dean Ambrose hanging around ringside. Like the Spirit Squad, James Ellsworth’s time in the WWE has run it’s course. I’m all for good comedic relief between Ambrose and Styles but IT HAS TO LEAD TO SOMETHING. Dean needs to snap, AJ needs to snap, SOMETHING. AJ is the man on Smackdown, that fact is very clear, but the man is aging, stop wasting time with him wrestling guys not even on the roster and let him and Ambrose loose. Instead, AJ loses via disqualification, something, sickening, tells me we haven’t seen the last of Ellsworth on Smackdown Live.

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