The Monday Night Wars: “Sting” Joins The nWo

Monday Night Wars

Last week we looked at when the WWF started to turn the tide in the Monday Night War.

This week, we look back at a time when WCW started to take control.

The nWo was taking over not only WCW but professional wrestling in general. When Scott Hall first showed up, some people thought the WWF was literally invading WCW. No one knew who would join the nWo next. Who was going to jump ship? Were there other people in WCW that would join the ranks of WCW? It was a very exciting time for wrestling fans.

In September 1996, members of WCW were getting ready to face the nWo in a War Games match. It was going to be Sting, Lex Luger, Ric Flair and Arn Anderson against the nWo. But the nWo had a trick up their sleeve. They got everyone in WCW to buy the fact that Sting joined the nWo.

Sting denied it was him, claiming it was an impostor. No one believed him. But at Fall Brawl, he proved that it was a fake Sting the nWo had, as he came out as the fourth member of team WCW. He cleaned house then left. He then declared himself a free agent on Nitro. And that began the era of Crow Sting, which unfortunately never got the proper payoff.

Justin C (@JCWonka)