Why Goldberg versus Roman Reigns Needs to Happen


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Goldberg made his return to the WWE this past Monday, after spending the past decade plus dabbling in movies, television and color commentary for MMA promotions World Fighting Alliance and Elite XC, to answer Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman’s challenge to a fight. Twelve years have past since the ill fated Wrestlemania 20 match between Lesnar and Goldberg. The timing couldn’t be worse for Lesnar and Goldberg going into that Wrestlemania, both were on their separate ways out of the WWE, the fans were in on it and the match was less than memorable. Now Goldberg is back so I guess, his son can watch him wrestle in person, not like money was involved or anything and returned in newly found WWE legend fashion; agreeing to be in a video game. The late, great, Ultimate Warrior started this tradition followed by Sting. Each guy agreed to appear in a video game which led to appearing on WWE television and a Hall of Fame inauguration to top it off. Warrior didn’t wrestle, obviously, Sting had his Wrestlemania moment against Triple H and EVEN HAD A WWE TITLE MATCH AGAINST THE (dangerous) SETH ROLLINS. Goldberg may be back for a ‘one time only’ match against Lesnar which is rumored to happen at Survivor Series but there is far too much money on the table with another Goldberg match and one guy who could use the rub from a guy going into the WWE Hall of Fame with a 173-0 streak on his resume; Roman Reigns. Goldberg versus Roman Reigns needs to happen and happen at Wrestlemania 33.

When the WWE brought Lesnar back they left a lot of dream matches off the table the first year or so. Instead of Brock wrestling Sheamus or Daniel Bryan Brock went back and forth with John Cena for what seemed like FOREVER but it all changed when Brock ended the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania 30 leaving the Superdome in New Orleans breathless. A lot has changed since that night, there is more mystique behind Lesnar, he was the WWE Champion and was never pinned for his title. He absolutely destroyed Randy Orton at this past Summerslam, ending the real possibility of the feud continuing. Now, his focus has turned to Goldberg. Like I said, a lot has changed and there are millions of WWE fans that will tune in to see Lesnar against Goldberg but that can’t be the end game for Bill Goldberg is he’s going into the WWE Hall of Fame this April.

Since The Shield broke up the WWE spent countless hours, Raws, Smackdowns and pay per views figuring out how to get Roman in the good graces of a lot of WWE fans. Roman was shot straight to the top, after winning the 2015 Royal Rumble and EVEN HAVING HIS COUSIN,THE ROCK, COME DOWN TO HELP HIM GET OVER he went on to face Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31. That plan didn’t work, Seth Rollins won the title and Roman was back to square one. After Rollins tore his MCL, ACL and everything in-between Reigns got another chance at the top, he chased Sheamus and Triple H around for the WWE Title cultivating in a match with Triple H at Wrestlemania 32, Roman won the match but the WWE Universe won the war; Roman may have been the champion but the fans didn’t recognize it. Since then Roman lost the title, lost a shot at the new WWE Universal Championship to Finn Balor and went back and forth with Rusev until Reigns became the United States Champion. If Reigns is going to be major player in the WWE, especially with the WWE continuing to bring in top indy talent, then a match, hell a win over Goldberg at Wrestlemania 33 just may be the ticket.

The WWE, if they knew it or not, have been planting the seed of a full fledge heel run for Roman Reigns. Every week it seems like were closer and closer to Roman just punching Lana in the face and laughing about it. Roman has had the time to perfect his tough guy, tweener attitude; I’ve always heard it’s easier to be a heel than a baby face. Turning Reigns heel not only opens up new match possibilities it really opens the door for Rollins to slip in and become the top baby face on Raw, well until Finn comes back. The guy with the crazy, inflated undefeated streak up against not the good guy, not the bad guy, just the guy, now doesn’t that sound like a cash register to you?

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