WWE RAW 10.24.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. The Rusev vs Roman Reigns Feud Has Hit A Brick Wall

-Talk about a feud that went off the rails the last couple weeks. The problem is that we are now going on almost three months of this. And throughout the whole thing, Roman Reigns looks like the bad guy in all of this. He constantly bashes Rusev’s wife Lana. And the announcers CONTINUOUSLY bring up that Rusev is defending his wife’s honor. Any new viewer tuning in would think that Rusev should be the good guy.

Both of these men need to move on from each other after this. But I unfortunately think that the feud will somewhat continue into Survivor Series. I assume Reigns and Rusev will be on the RAW Survivor Series team. That means another month of these two interacting. Rusev continues to prove that he deserves a top spot on the RAW card. If RAW had a face champion I would have Rusev face the Champ next.

2. Dana Brooke Badly Needs Emma Back

-My counterpart Cam is a fan of Dana Brooke and sees some potential in her. I don’t. She works best when she is paired with someone else. She was fine with Charlotte and great with Emma. But I think she has floundered over the last couple of weeks. Brooke works best as a side kick to someone else. I did think they were doing a good job building up her potential break-up with Charlotte, but they did away with that. She hasn’t had a good singles match yet. And her arm wrestling segment tanked big time (I know that wasn’t her fault, but it was still bad). I hope people in the WWE still don’t see any potential in her. She can work in pairs, but not as the leader of the women’s division.

3. The Cruiserweight Division Is Not Working

-I don’t know what the WWE had in mind when they brought the cruiserweights to RAW. But if this is what they did have in mind it isn’t working. They are rendered to one segment a show, and it is often right before the main event. So by that point the crowd is pretty much drained of any energy. And I had this feeling that Vince and Co. would get behind Tony Nese because of his look. It’s too bad he is the most bland guy they have. The cruisers need two segments a show and need to be able to have free reign with what they do in the ring. At the moment it looks like they are being held back.

4. Even Paul Heyman Couldn’t Save The WWE’s Poor Planning

-When Paul Heyman can’t save a segment, you know it went off the rails. Heyman was trying his best to get the crowd to chant against Goldberg. Problem was, RAW was in Brock’s hometown of Minneapolis. And the crowd was having none of it whatsoever. I’m sure no one in the WWE even thought about that. That makes you wonder what happens in Toronto, Brock’s new home county. And of course, Goldberg ended the career of Canada’s hero Bret Hart. And Canadians never forget anything. Goldberg’s positive reaction last week hopefully means this week was only a one time thing. Next week will be telling.

5. Hell In A Cell Build Fails To Deliver

-After watching RAW, I just don’t feel like the WWE is putting their full effort into Hell In A Cell. Rusev and Reigns gave pre-recorded interviews. Sasha and Charlotte’s segment was okay. But it also featured Mick Foley telling the women they didn’t know what they were getting into despite being okay with the match until this point. And the Universal Title build was practically non-existent, and the focus was mostly on Chris Jericho all night. Oh and the Cruiserweight Title match is now about Kendrick talking Perkins into tanking the match. Just not a good go home show, and it seems like the WWE is ready to get into Survivor Series mode.

RAW Results

Enzo Amore defeated Karl Anderson after Big Cass connected on a big boot

Sheamus and Cesaro defeated New Day in a non-title match

Bo Dallas defeated Curtis Axel

The Golden Truth defeated The Shining Stars

Rich Swann defeated Brian Kendrick

Seth Rollins defeated Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho in a Triple Threat Match

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