Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 10.26.16

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-Sexy Star comes into Dario’s office. She wants her Title match next week. Dario says first, she has to defend the Gift of the Gods Title against Johnny Mundo tonight. And if Fenix, Aerostar or Drago interfere they are banned from the Temple. Sexy says she doesn’t need help, and isn’t afraid of Matanza. As Sexy leaves, Dario says women don’t fare well against Matanza, just ask his mother.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez w/Mariposa vs Ivelisse

-Mary catches Ivelisse going for a crossbody and nibbles on her side. Sick freak.

-Mariposa bites Ivelisse’s face with the ref distracted.

-Ivelisse goes for a choke but Marty eventually breaks it and remains in control.

-Marty drops Ivelisse with a full nelson into a modified chokeslam for the win.

-After the match Sami Callahan comes out (remember he was revealed as Ivelisse’s boyfriend a few weeks ago) and takes it to Marty and Mariposa. Ivelisse tells him that she told him to stay out of this. Sami apologizes.

WINNER: Marty “The Moth” Martinez

-Another White Rabbit promo. This time we see Paul London, with hat.

-Sami Callahan tells Ivelisse he accepted Dario’s offer to compete at the Temple.

-Dario meets with the man in the limo. The man tells Dario that the dissension is complete. He asks Dario if he has a body in mind, and Dario says he has two. And one might win the match tonight to be the one.

Best of 5 Series: Texano vs Cage (Cage Up 2-0)

-So these two are fighting to have an ancient Aztec god put in their body. Okay.

-Both men go right to the outside, which I’m pretty sure half of each of their first two matches took place.

-After getting a break the last couple weeks, the people in the wooden chairs move as Texano tosses Cage into the chairs.

-Texano powerbombs Cage from the apron onto the floor.

-Texano misses a senton from the top. Cage catches him with a boot to the face and then a superplex for two.

-Cage goes to the top again but Texano catches him with an enziguri, then a hurricarrana and leaping leg lariat for two.

-Cage comes back with a discus clothesline but only gets two. Cage hits a few more moves but can’t get the pin. Texano then rolls up Cage for the win.

WINNER: Texano (Cage Up in Best of Five 2-1)

-Rey Mysterio ask Dario for a Loser Leaves Lucha match. Dario says it sounds like he has his main event next week. OH PRAISE THE LORD.

Gift of the Gods Championship: Sexy Star (c) vs Johnny Mundo

-Sexy Star comes out dressed as a big version of the old Divas Championship.

-Mundo keeps control early by keeping control on the mat.

-Mundo backdrops Sexy off the top and goes for a moonsault, but Sexy gets her feet up and catches Mundo in the face.

-Sexy hits a Codebreaker followed by a backstabber. Mundo catches her off the top then spins Sexy around and accidentally knocks out the ref. The ref recovers after Sexy had Mundo pinned forever but she only gets two.

-Sexy applies a chokehold but the ref is out again after a Mundo spear. Jack Evans and PJ Black come out to help Mundo.

-A new ref comes in. And from the angle they showed him coming in, he would have clearly seen what the Worldwide Underground did. But this ref gets taken out after Mundo only gets two.

-Mundo puts a chair around Sexy’s neck. The Mack comes out for the save and he stuns every memebr of the Worldwide Underground. Sexy hits Mundo with a chair but only gets two.

-We’re back to 1-on-1 and Sexy moves out of the way of the End of the World.

-Mundo tries using the chair but the ref pulls it away. Mundo then uses brass knuckles to pick up the win.

WINNER and NEW Gift of the Gods Champion: Johnny Mundo

-Vampiro tells Prince Puma that he is not done with Mil. Vampiro says Puma has to do what Mil did to Konnan, and that is put him in an early grave.

OVERALL: The main event was an overbooked mess. They went out of their way to protect Sexy which I don’t get. But there was way too much going on in there. Everything else on the show was meh. I love that in typical LU fashion they are making the Best of 5 winner receive the spirit of an Aztec god.

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