WTF Friday: Sting Joins The nWo Wolfpac


You may be looking at the headline and wondering why Sting joining the nWo Wolfpac is on this edition of WTF Friday. It doesn’t fit with all of the weird stuff I’ve been posting so far.

Well, the reason on this one is simple. Sting should have never joined any faction of the nWo. EVER.

Sting just spent the last year feuding with the nWo. Now there were two sides of the nWo, a mistake itself. And they were recruiting new members. Lex Luger joined the Wolfpac a few weeks earlier. I wasn’t a fan of that either. The nWo should have never gotten to this point. That’s on Eric Bischoff and Company for never having a proper end in sight.

When both sides started recruiting Sting to join their side, I hoped Sting would turn both of them down. Sting should hate ALL OF THESE GUYS. Hell, even his best friend Luger turned on him in the past. But again, the Wolfpac was the new hip thing to like. The crowd was cheering them, so WCW felt it proper to put Sting in the group.

I’ve always wanted to write a re-booking of the nWo article. And writing small things like this makes me want to do it even more.

Justin C (@JCWonka)