WWE RAW 10.31.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. Nice Recovery This Week On The Goldberg/Lesnar Front

-In case you were worried that the Goldberg/Lesnar program was about to go downhill after last week, they rebounded nicely this week. Paul Heyman sounded like he did the promo he wanted to do last week this week. And he can also still hold the crowd in the palm of his hand. He got the crowd hyped up for Brock Lesnar and even though he wasn’t there, he got them to believe it.

Even the brief promo exchange with Rusev worked. Sure, it makes Rusev look like a bit of a goober. But it shows Rusev can be a good hand with top stars if needed. Goldberg stumbled a bit during the initial exchange, but he recovered nicely. And Paul Heyman took that Spear like a Champ. In the build up at least, it looks like last week was an aberration. I’m still thinking Toronto boos Goldberg.

2. Braun Strowman Continues To Improve

-A couple weeks ago I wrote an article saying Braun Strowman could be the WWE’s next big monster. And he continues to show that he is capable of that role. I thought he was great in the Battle Royal tonight. It helps that people like Neville and Sami Zayn can take nice bumps for him. But even when he sells for them he does a good job of it. I’ll be curious to see how the WWE handles him getting eliminated at Survivor Series. As much as I’d love to see him win, I know that won’t happen.

3. I Could Say The Opposite About Nia Jax

-Unlike Braun I just don’t see anything in Nia Jax. Braun at least moves around in the ring. Nia Jax doesn’t. She doesn’t give off the monster personna like the WWE wants her to. I just don’t buy it with her. And I don’t think someone like Nia Jax works in the current women’s division. With the way the women work nowadays, I think she hinders the division more than helps it.

4. RAW’s Tag Team Division Is The Shits

-I can’t find a single thing to like about the state of the RAW tag team division. New Day is stale as tag team champions. The Club has lost any sense of credibility that they once had. Enzo and Cass are stuck in limbo. The Cesaro/Sheamus pairing does nothing for me. All of Smackdown’s teams seem more interesting at the moment. And I can’t think of a single thing the WWE could do to improve this at the moment. Of course you could obviously say that about a good amount of RAW since the brand split.

5. Survivor Series Needs To Be About More Than Bragging Rights

-If you want to do RAW vs Smackdown that is fine. But just having it be about brand supremacy doesn’t do anything. First off, no one on either team shows pride in their brand. There will be all kinds of inner-team rivalries. Everyone will be waiting to see when team members turn on each other. Plus, if you were the GM of each show, why would you put people on the team that hate each other? There needs to be some sort of added bonus from a storyline perspective. Every member of the team gets a money bonus if they win would be a start. Or how about the winning brand of the 5-on-5 singles wrestler match gets to main event Wrestlemania. Plus stretching these matches out over 4 hours will be tough.


Enzo Amore defeated Luke Gallows in a Trick or Street Fight- There were pumpkins, candy and skeletons everywhere

T.J. Perkins defeated Brian Kendrick via Countout

Braun Strowman won a Battle Royal to join Team RAW

Rich Swann, Lince Dorado and Cedric Alexander defeated Drew Gulak, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari

Nia Jax defeated Bayley

Cesaro and Sheamus defeated the Shining Stars

Roman Reigns defeated Chris Jericho via DQ to retain the U.S. Title

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Justin C

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