WWE 205 Live 11.29.16: Spewin’ Snark Recap w/Cam

The WWE continues their belief in the Cruiserweight Division as 205 Live debuted last night following Smackdown Live. While it’s still unknown if this pattern will continue or 205 Live will be taped before Smackdown, the beginning introduction was a waste of time and unnecessary. The WWE Universe is/should be already aware of these guys from the Cruiserweight Classic. The likes of Akira Tozawa and Gran Metalik opening the show would have set a very high tone instead of a dumb first day of school introduction. The crowd who stayed in South Carolina, surprisingly, was behind all three matches making week one a success in my opinion.

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WWE RAW 11.28.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. This Sami Zayn Storyline Isn’t Going To Get The Payoff It Deserves

-Over the last few weeks I think Sami Zayn has been used well on RAW. He is being used as a sacrifice of sorts for Braun Strowman. But I thought Sami standing up to Foley tonight was good, and Zayn looked great in not backing down from BRAUN or Foley. It should end with Sami getting fired, then going to Smackdown and making a name for himself. Sami shouldn’t be the one to beat BRAUN for the first time, because there is no way in hell the WWE would follow it up properly. My guess is that the WWE just feeds Sami to BRAUN some more then forgets about the storyline, similar to the Neville/Zayn tag team from a month ago.

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The Midcard’s 15 Minutes: Wrestlemania 33 Predictions

The Midcard 15 Minutes Logo
My colleague, Justin, is the go to guy for Wrestlemania predictions throughout the calendar year; today it’s my turn. Heading into December the Wrestlemania 33 card isn’t any clearer than it was after Survivor Series. Just a few short months and holidays away until the Royal Rumble will the quote un quote big dogs like The Undertaker, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, John Cena and this year, Goldberg have a clearer path? We’re all just wishing and hoping for a third consecutive well put together Wrestlemania card.

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Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 11.23.16

Lucha Underground Header

-The show starts with a recap of last week and a promo for Paul London and his White Rabbit Group.

Trios Championship: Fenix, Drago and Aerostar (c) vs The Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, Mala Suerte and Saltador)

-The Rabbit Tribe does a dance around Melissa as they enter the ring. So now she has them and Marty the Moth to worry about.

-The Rabbit Tribe takes out the Champs with some dives to the outside. London catches Fenix with a superkick as he attempts a dive of his own.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: Wrestlemania 33 Predictions Take 3

JC Top Rope Logo 2

It’s time for my post Survivor Series Wrestlemania 33 Predictions. I think this is a proper time to do one. For me at least, it looks like things became a bit clearer after this show. At least when it comes to the top two matches that I think Wrestlemania will offer.

I will say that I think it’ll be really disappointing if Samoa Joe or Nakamura aren’t on the main roster come Mania time. And it is looking more and more likely that this is going to be the case. I get that the WWE wants to make more money with NXT as a touring brand. But Nakamura and Joe could give RAW or Smackdown such a huge boost.

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WWE RAW 11.21.16: Five Thoughts W/Justin C


1. Relax Natives: Goldberg Isn’t Winning The Royal Rumble

-I saw a bunch of people up in arms on Twitter, freaking out about Goldberg winning the Royal Rumble. Relax. This is not going to happen. I’m willing to bet my life on it (Though I said the same about Taker beating Brock at WM30.) Goldberg will be in the match to presumably set up his program with whoever he is going to fight at Wrestlemania. It could be Brock again. I hope it is someone currently on the roster full time. But Goldberg is not coming back to win a Title. I’m sure even he realizes that would be a bad idea.

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WWE Survivor Series 2016 Review

-I didn’t watch the pre-show. But T.J. Perkins, Rich Swann and Noam Dar defeated Drew Gulak, Tony Nese and Daivari. Kane also defeated Luke Harper for who knows what reason.

Team RAW vs Team Smackdown 5-on-5 Women’s Elimination Match

-Nikki doesn’t come out when her music hits. We go to the back where Nikki is up against a locker holding her head. The doc says he won’t let her compete. Natalya takes her place.

-The two people everyone wanted to see start the match: Carmella and Alicia Fox. To her credit Carmella hits a nice head scissors and then a Bronco buster.

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Quick Hits: NXT Takeover Toronto

Bobby Roode vs Tye Dillinger

-Roode comes out with a choir singing his song and an awesome robe.

-An intense staredown starts. Roode goes to taunt Dillinger but Dillinger delivers a right hand.

-The action spills to the outside where Dillinger delivers a backdrop to Roode.

-Dillinger continues to lay in the offense until Roode is able to toss Dillinger to the outside.

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WWE Survivor Series 2016 Preview

WWE Survivor Series is here. And myself and Cam are here to give you our predictions for the show!

This Sunday will be the first Survivor Series in years that means a little more than year’s past. The brands are split and there is pride and titles on the line. A lot better than usual booking has gone into the build for this once highly anticipated pay per view. Wrestlemania season usually begins to show it’s face in January during the Royal Rumble but the road to Wrestlemania 33 begins this Sunday in Toronto.

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