Women Crush Wednesday: Paige Turns On Team PCB

woman crush wednesday

Remember when Paige was in the WWE and part of storylines?

I remember!

Here we look at pretty much the end of the first part of the Women’s Revolution. The Revolution that was started by the great and powerful Stephanie McMahon.

Charlotte just became the Divas Champion and was in the ring celebrating her win on RAW. It was quite obvious, at least to me, that in the weeks leading up to this Paige was going to turn on Charlotte and Becky. Paige’s personality is more of a heel anyways.

Paige rips into Charlotte and Becky here. This lead to the Paige/Charlotte feud that had the “controversial” contract signing (I didn’t have much of a problem with it). The start to this was good but it did end up fizzling out at the end.

Justin C (@JCWonka)