WWE Smackdown Live 11.1.16: Spewin’ Snarky w/ Cameron Dougharty

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Ya know, Dean and AJ could just Wrestle

  1. James Ellsworth continues to appear week in and week out on Smackdown Live which might be a good thing in theory but he continues to help devalue the WWE Title week in and week out. AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose are two of the best talents the WWE has under contract but throwing in the likes of Ellsworth takes away from what could be a hot blooded back and forth feud. Instead, the WWE loves it’s WATERED DOWN, ABC FAMILY, comedy segments. Did Styles leave NJPW for wannabe SNL skits or to wrestle the best on the WWE roster? After the brand split the marquee matches for Styles to have on Smackdown were against John Cena and Dean Ambrose. Styles had three great matches with Cena and some sub par matches with Dean. Once again, the brand split has helped a very select few Superstars but has done nothing but handicap Styles’ capacity to have great matches with top tier talent. Smackdown General Manager, Daniel Bryan, should trade Styles for the entire cruiserweight division.


Randy Ortons LOVES him some Wyatt Family

      2. I said weeks ago the WWE should just put Orton with Bray Wyatt and let the real power couple run Smackdown Live. The WWE continues to tease Orton joining the Wyatt Family, if that does happen let’s all hope it lasts longer than when Daniel Bryan swerved Bray and his stay with the family lasted all of one week. Smackdown’s tag team division isn’t nearly as loaded as Raw’s, Orton and Wyatt could change that really fast. Not only would an Orton/Wyatt pairing help spark a Wyatt Family revival it will be ever so sweet when American Alpha can finally overcome the scariest family in the WWE for the tag team gold. Who benefits the most from all of these arm chair bookings? Luke Harper. Luke has a lot of upside that most of the big guys in the WWE don’t have. Harper is agile and has improved his microphone skills SORTA. After American Alpha defeats the Wyatt Family SOMEONE HAS TO BE BLAMED and who better than a freshly turned baby face Luke. ‘Hey Bray, you aren’t my father.’

Survivor Series is going to suck, isn’t it

        3. Daniel Bryan announced Smackdown’s five Superstars, AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton and Baron Corbin that will face Raw’s five in a traditional Survivor Series elimination match. Both top champions, Styles and Kevin Owens, are in this match so there will be no defending of either top title. Assuming the card comes together the way it’s looking right now we all are going to be have to sit through a 45 minute Goldberg/Brock Lesnar match, get your mind alternating substance of choice ready, it’s going to be a very long night. As much talent as the traditional elimination match might have something, deep down in my stomach, tells me Corbin and Braun Stroman may be used to help continue their characters and that just doesn’t not sit right with me. Corbin has improved his character and the same could be said for Braun but in an age for the WWE is being Ring of Honor why is there room for a big, goofy looking bad guy?

Dolph Ziggler against Curt Hawkins Forever

         4. Curt Hawkins came back to the WWE to tell everyone the facts and the fact is his Smackdown debut (?) ended quicker than Ziggler’s time as the top guy in the WWE. Hawkins answered Ziggler’s Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge, Zigs hit the super kick and the match was over. The WWE continues to try and keep The Miz and Ziggler’s feud going. The Miz has had a hell of a run but the moment he lost the title to Dolph it ended. Give Hawkins a chance to shine, him and Ziggler easily could have some memorable matches and both guys are way above par on the microphone. Since Hawkins came back to the WWE it became a when, not if, the WWE would give him a better chance to shine than they have all the guys, cough Daiviri, cough.

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