WWE RAW 11.14.16: Live In Person Thoughts w/Justin C


No five thoughts with Justin C last night. That’s because I was live in person at the show, and I plan on giving some quick in person thoughts from the show last night!

-The arena was pretty full. The entire 100 and 200 levels were filled, and the 300 level was about 40% full, which was not the case for Smackdown in June or the last RAW here. I guess big name attractions like Goldberg and Brock Lesnar can do that for you.

-Speaking of Goldberg and Brock Lesnar, that was a hot segment. I was surprised they did it when they did (I thought for sure it would go on last). The crowd was 90% behind Goldberg. There were a few chants for Lesnar here and there, but they were all drown out by Goldberg chants. None of those chants were piped in at all. I still think it will be the reverse come Sunday, but I imagine the WWE was happy with the reaction of the crowd.

-The closing segment was cool. Once I knew that was going on in the main event slot, I had a feeling that the Smackdown team would be coming out. The most over person of the whole team? AJ Styles. Without a doubt he was cheered the loudest. That just goes to show you how much the crowd respects Styles and loves his in ring work. The brawl at the end was fun as was the whole closing segment once the teams were face to face. Chris Jericho continues to entertain and is the highlight of the show. James Ellsworth also received a good pop for his appearance. It finally got me a little hyped for the 5-on-5 match this Sunday.

-Can we talk about how hilarious Braun Strowman is in these backstage segments? The crowd laughed and didn’t boo him when he was in the ring with the New Day. As long as Braun’s segments aren’t rest hold matches he should get over.

-You know who isn’t getting over? The cruiserweights. They were dying in front of the crowd. The match was not very entertaining. There were people chanting to end the match and trying to get other chants going. I really hope this new Cruiserweight show helps them out. Things aren’t going well for them right now.

-Roman Reigns was booed just like he is everywhere else. And that somewhat surprised me because he was cheered more than I expected the last time he was in Buffalo. Reigns might be in a worse position now than he was this time last year. I really hope he isn’t the one who goes over on Sunday.

-The WWE was smart to have the two segments after Goldberg/Lesnar be the women and Enzo and Cass. The only thing I might have done different was have Bayley tag with Charlotte instead of Sasha, because the crowd was chanting for Bayley during the match. But those were two good acts that could keep the crowd invested after Lesnar/Goldberg. I thought fans would leave after that (some did) but not enough to notice on TV.

Biggest Pops

  1. Goldberg
  2. AJ Styles
  3. The List
  4. Enzo and Cass

Biggest Heat

  1. Paul Heyman
  2. Roman Reigns
  3. Cruiserweight Match (More Go Away Heat unfortunately)
  4. Charlotte

Overall, I had a fun time like I do at most live events. Live events, even bad ones, are always more enjoyable in person than they are on TV. Definitely better than the last RAW I went to, probably better than Smackdown in June to because of the Goldberg/Lesnar segment.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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