Lucha Underground Review 11.16.16: Aztec Warfare 3

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-Johnny Mundo confronts Dario Cueto. He tells Dario if for some reason he does not win the Title tonight, he will use his Gift of the Gods Championship next week. Mundo shows Dario his #12. Mundo tells Dario he will take out everyone, including Dario’s brother. Dario changes Mundo’s number to 2.

Aztec WARFARE 3!

-Dario tells Melissa Santos that Sexy Star was suppose to be #2, but it is now Mundo.

-Mundo tries using his speed to allude Matanza but it doesn’t work. Son of Havoc is #3.

-Son of Havoc hits a springboard crossbody on Matanza as Mundo sweeps his leg. Jeremiah Crane is #4.

-Havoc tosses Mundo in the air and Crane spears him in the air. Nice spot. Pentagon Dark is #5.

-Pentagon taunts Matanza and gets him to come back into the ring.

-PJ Black is #6 and hits a high risk move on everyone. Also, the sound machine is working overtime on the kicks tonight.

-Mariposa is #7. Jeremiah Crane hits a powerbomb on her. But Matanza comes in and hits a German suplex on him to eliminate him. Matanza then chokeslams Mariposa and pins her.

***Jeremiah Crane and Mariposa eliminated***

-Rey Mysterio is #8. He takes out Mundo with a DDT.

-Dr. Wagner Jr is #9 and Marty the Moth is #10. Mundo and Black are hiding under the ring.

-Jack Evans is #11 so Mundo and Black come out from under the ring. They team up to take out Son of Havoc.

***Son of Havoc eliminated***

-Sexy Star is #12. She goes after the Worldwide Underground. But they toss her to the outside onto Matanza and Marty.

-Ricky Mandel is #13. But he immediately eats a package piledriver. But Black Lotus comes in with three female friends. They take out Pentagon and one hits a Canadian Destroyer. Mundo then pins Pentagon and then Mandel.

***Pentagon Dark and Ricky Mandel eliminated***

-Mascarita Segrada is #14. He is quickly eliminated by Matanza.

***Mascarita Segrada eliminated***

-Famous B is #15. He tries to give Rey his card. But Rey gives him a 619 and eliminates Famous B.

***Famous B eliminated***

-Rey reverses a backbreaker from Marty and eliminates him. The Mack is #16.

***Marty the Moth eliminated***

-All the action is outside the ring at the moment. Sexy Star tosses Evans into the folding chairs. Joey Ryan is #17. This year, he handcuffs himself to the stair railing.

-The Mack and Sexy Star toss the Worldwide Underground onto some steel chairs.

-Mil Muertes is #18. He rips the handcuffs off the railing. Mil hits his finisher on Ryan while Matanza hits his on Dr. Wagner to eliminate them.

***Joey Ryan and Dr. Wagner Jr. eliminated***

-Kobra Moon is #19. The Mack hits stunners on Black and Evans to eliminate them. Drago is #20.

***Jack Evans and PJ Black eliminated***

-Drago and Kobra Moon exchange offense in the ring. Drago eliminates Kobra Moon.

***Kobra Moon eliminated***

-Matanza eliminates Drago with a power bomb.

***Drago eliminated***

-Matanza eats moves from everyone still in the match, that includes a Stunner from The Mack and a Codebreaker from Sexy Star. Rey hits the 619 and then reverses Matanza into a pinfall to eliminate him!

***Matanza eliminated***

-Matanza beats the shit out of Rey. He then shoves down Dario on the way out. Mundo pins Rey to eliminate him.

***Rey Mysterio eliminated***

-Evans and Black come back out and they beat the crap out of Sexy Star. Angelico comes out on top of Dario’s office and jumps into the ring on the Worldwide Underground. Sexy pins Mundo.

***Johnny Mundo eliminated***

-Mil and The Mack exchange blows. Mil hits a weak Flatliner to eliminate The Mack.

***The Mack eliminated***

-We are down to Mil and Sexy Star. Mil introduces a chair and table into the match. Sexy reverses Mil into a DDT onto the chair. She hits him with the chair multiple times.

-Sexy moves out of the way of a charging Mil and Mil goes through the table. Sexy only gets two.

-Mil hits a hard right hand and gets another table. Mil takes Sexy to the top. But Sexy Star shoves Mil off through the table. She then hits a double stomp and pins Mil for the win.

WINNER and NEW Lucha Underground Champion- Sexy Star

-Okay, there is a whole lot to take in here. First I thought the match was good. Definitely better than last year’s Aztec Warfare. The flow to it was good.

As far as the booking goes, I’m okay with it. First off, LU is more of a TV show with wrestling compared to an actual wrestling show. If this were the WWE it would look awful. I’ve seen a few people suggest that Sexy Star’s win was meant for Ivelisse until she was hurt. And I can see that being the case. I also thought it was quite obvious that LU planted some women in the front row to freak out when Sexy won. Remember, we already getting Sexy vs Mundo next week.

The elimination of Matanza was fine. I would have liked to see everyone left hit their finishers on Matanza instead of Rey getting the glory at the end. But that’s a minor nitpick. Matanza got some heat back with the post match beatdown and stretcher job from Rey.

I don’t know what is going on with Pentagon. The three girls with Black Lotus are apparently from Stardom. I personally would like to see Pentagon feuding for the Title, but I guess I can wait and see where this program goes.

Mil ate a good amount of punishment from Sexy Star before getting eliminated, going through two tables and a multitude of chair shots so he was also protected.

I’m willing to let this play out and see where it goes.

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