WWE Survivor Series 2016 Preview

WWE Survivor Series is here. And myself and Cam are here to give you our predictions for the show!

This Sunday will be the first Survivor Series in years that means a little more than year’s past. The brands are split and there is pride and titles on the line. A lot better than usual booking has gone into the build for this once highly anticipated pay per view. Wrestlemania season usually begins to show it’s face in January during the Royal Rumble but the road to Wrestlemania 33 begins this Sunday in Toronto.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Brian Kendrick (c) vs Kalisto (If Kalisto Wins, the Cruiserweight Division Goes To Smackdown)

JC: Hey look, the guy that should have been built as the Face of the Cruiserweight Division is finally getting his shot at the Title! The outcome here seems pretty obvious to me. There is going to be a new Cruiserweight Show on the Network Tuesday nights. Smackdown is taped on Tuesday nights. Therefore, Kalisto wins and the cruiserweights get moved to Smackdown. As I said in my Live RAW Thoughts, the booking of this division has been awful so far. They should have done this show from the beginning to give the cruisers some time to develop characters. But at least we get this now. Kalisto wins.

WINNER: Kalisto

Cam: The cruiserweight division’s comeback was supposed to be another step forward in WWE’s evolution as an entertainment (wrestling) company. Nothing has ever been more wrong and I wrote a column about it. (https://htcwrestling.com/2016/10/17/wwe-raw-brings-you-the-crusierweight-division-sort-of/#more-13775) To the match, a lot of people think Kalisto will win and Smackdown Live gets the cruiserweight division. That sounds great and all but I’m not so sure. I see Kendrick winning this match by some heelish shenanigans causing Mick Foley to come down and restart the match, eventually leading to Kalisto winning the title.

WINNER: Kalisto

Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (c) vs Sami Zayn

JC: The Miz won the IC Title on Smackdown this week to change this match. The match will probably go down in quality a little bit, but at least the crowd can firmly get behind Sami Zayn now and boo the Miz. The Miz still continues to have a bit of a career revival on Smackdown with Maryse. And he now seems like a bit of a bigger player. Moving the IC Title to RAW doesn’t make sense since they already also have the U.S. Title. So does Zayn win and move to Smackdown? Or does Miz retain? I think the Miz retains here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zayn wins though.


Cam: Dolph Ziggler dropping the title to The Miz during the 900th episode of Smackdown Live was the WORST THING TO HAPPEN IN WRESLTING IN FOREVER! Zayn against Ziggler has money written all over it. Unfortunately Zayn will have to settle down for a watered down WWE style match where if he wins it won’t happen cleanly.

Winner: Sami Zayn via a Ziggler Superkick

Tag Team Division Elimination Match: Team RAW vs Team Smackdown

JC: So many wrestlers in one ring, and it won’t even be the Royal Rumble! It’s sad when you look at that picture and realize only a handful of teams in it are taken seriously. And that is especially the case on the Smackdown brand, where even the Tag Team Champs are a bit of a joke. New Day is on their way to breaking Demolition’s Tag Title reign record. But they can take losses leading up to it, as seen on RAW. Because of my predictions down the line, this one is tough for me to predict. I think I’m going to give Team Smackdown the win, as it seems like the WWE is playing up dissension more on Team RAW than Team Smackdown. The talent isn’t anywhere near the talent of the giant match from Survivor Series 1988. I’ll pick American Alpha as the sole survivors and the winners for their team and brand.

WINNERS: Team Smackdown (American Alpha Survives)

Cam: This match has cluster written all over it. I’d almost rather just have New Day stand outside the ring and cut promos but ya know, the show must go on. The Smackdown Live team doesn’t have nearly enough star power to hang with Raw. If there’s going to be an old fashion squash match on this card it’s this match.

Winners: Team Raw ( New Day, Gallows and Anderson survive)

Women’s Division Elimination Tag Match: Team RAW vs Team Smackdown

JC: Here again we have the RAW Division with the better overall talent, but the Smackdown Division has been booked better. On Smackdown, we have actual feuds between women that make sense. It has also allowed Alexa Bliss to break out and become a star. Meanwhile, Nia Jax is struggling on RAW. The most over person on either team is Bayley, and it was really weird seeing her take part in that beatdown on Smackdown. It also still irks me that Nikki Bella is the Team Captain while Becky Lynch is the Smackdown Women’s Champion. But the key thing to remember here is that Charlotte has yet to lose on PPV/Network Specials. That’s why I have Team RAW winning here. It gets down to Becky vs Sasha and Charlotte. Charlotte sacrifices Sasha to save herself, then takes advantage of a prone Becky to pick up the win.

WINNERS: Team RAW (Charlotte Survives)

Cam: Just like the tag team elimination match the star power on Raw greatly outweighs the strength of the Smackdown roster. Heading into this match its not a question of which brand is going to win, it’s the question of how will Charlotte handle being on a team with Bayley and Sasha Banks. I see Charlotte lend a helping hand to make sure Banks doesn’t celebrate with her but what about that underdog?

Winners: Team Raw (Charlotte & Bayley survive)

Team RAW vs Team Smackdown 5-on-5 Elimination Match

JC: I think the outcome of this match was determined by The Undertaker’s promo on Smackdown. Taker talked about how Team Smackdown needed to beat Team RAW, and whoever cost the team the match would pay. Taker also hinted that he is going on one last run. That makes me believe that Taker will be on TV a bit more and may have a PPV match or two. And who should Taker fight first? My guess would be AJ Styles. The WWE needs to put people in the Alamodome for the Royal Rumble. If Taker is getting one last run, he needs to fight Styles.

I still wish there were some stipulations added to the match. But at least they made the match feel important over the last week. My guess is BRAUN is eliminated similar to Rusev a couple years ago. Maybe a Shane McMahon elbow through a table? It comes down to Reigns and Owens vs Styles. Styles eliminates Roman but falls to Owens in the end.

WINNERS: Team RAW (Kevin Owens survives)

Cam: Before we get into the match itself the question that needs to be answered, do the part time guys headline or do the ten guys who wrestle every night go on last? Whoever headlines Survivor Series, I believe the journey to the Royal Rumble will being this Sunday. Neither the Universal or WWE World Title is being defended this Sunday so Kevin Owens and AJ Styles will look to carry the weight of their teams. Trying to arm chair book this match two things stick out; what’s Shane McMahon going to do and will Roman Reigns get another chance to shine? Both those questions worry me. Will the Undertaker make an appearance? At this rate this match is still probably being discussed as you read this. In the end, if AJ is the face that runs this place he has be the sole survivor, right?

Winners: Team Smackdown (Styles survives)

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg

JC: The WWE really built this up as a big match. Goldberg has come off great. If only the WWE treated the rest of their wrestlers like Goldberg. I don’t expect the match itself to be anything special. It’ll be a slugfest. And I still think the Toronto crowd cheers Brock. And we don’t know what kind of in ring shape Goldberg is in. But Brock is winning here. I’d be shocked if the outcome is different. The WWE rebuilt up Brock as a force, and Goldberg shouldn’t be the one to beat him.

WINNER: Brock Lesnar

Cam: This is a Wrestlemania rematch caliber match, the build has been better than I expected even with GOLDBERG YELLING HIS PROMOS. The winner of this match will tell me a lot about what will happen at Mania. If Goldberg wins he has to wrestle again. If Brock beats Goldberg the picture becomes a lot less clear. Does Brock go after the title again? Does Goldberg’s sons’s lasting image of his father be a loss? This could do either way but there is more money with Goldberg having another match on the biggest stages of them all.

Winner: Goldberg

We will have reports on NXT and Survivor Series this weekend. Also, follow @HTCWrestling on Twitter for live tweets during both shows. We will also have our normal follow up columns for RAW and Smackdown next week!

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