WWE Survivor Series 2016 Review

-I didn’t watch the pre-show. But T.J. Perkins, Rich Swann and Noam Dar defeated Drew Gulak, Tony Nese and Daivari. Kane also defeated Luke Harper for who knows what reason.

Team RAW vs Team Smackdown 5-on-5 Women’s Elimination Match

-Nikki doesn’t come out when her music hits. We go to the back where Nikki is up against a locker holding her head. The doc says he won’t let her compete. Natalya takes her place.

-The two people everyone wanted to see start the match: Carmella and Alicia Fox. To her credit Carmella hits a nice head scissors and then a Bronco buster.

-Becky tags in, as does Bayley. Charlotte tags herself in then Sasha tags herself in. Everyone brawls but Nia Jax knocks everyone down and brings things to order.

-Nia Jax tags in and knocks down all of Team Smackdown. She hits a double clothesline on Carmella and Natalya.

-Alicia Fox hits her scissors kick on Carmella. But it looked awful. Alicia still gets the pin to eliminate Carmella.

***Carmella Eliminated***

-Alexa Bliss comes in and hits Twisted Bliss on Alicia, eliminating her.

***Alicia Fox Eliminated***

-Naomi takes out Nia Jax on the outside with a corssbody. Naomi goes back to the apron, but Nia slams her into the post then tosses her off the apron. Naomi gets counted out.

***Naomi Eliminated***

-Natalya goes for a vertical suplex but Sasha counters. Alexa blocks a Banks Statement. Natalya rolls up Sasha to eliminate her.

***Sasha Banks Eliminated***

-Natalya applies the Sharpshooter to Charlotte but Charlotte gets to the ropes. Charlotte gets up and lands a boot to the face to eliminate Natalya.

***Natalya Eliminated***

-Alexa and Becky argue. They go to double suplex Nia, but Nia blocks it and suplexes them.

-Becky applies the Disarmer to Nia and Nia taps. Afterwards she pulls Becky out of the ring and slams her into the barricade.

***Nia Jax Eliminated***

-Charlotte clobbers poor Alexa with the big boot again and eliminates her.

***Alexa Bliss Eliminated***

-Becky hits a t-bone suplex and a top rope leg drop but Bayley breaks up the count. She was a bit slow to do it.

-Becky and Bayley exchange some offense. Becky goes for the armbar again but Bayley grabs the ropes. Bayley then hits the Bayley to Belly to pin Becky and give her team the win.

-After the match, Charlotte attacks Bayley and throws her into the barricade a couple times.

WINNERS: Team RAW (Charlotte and Bayley Survive)- Okay match. The last few minutes seemed a but clunky. The crowd was hot in the first half of it. Nia looked strong before getting eliminated, and I’m surprised they had her tap out. Clearly, the WWE didn’t want Nikki taking a pinfall here for some reason.

-James Ellsworth gets picked on by The Club. Mick Foley comes to his defense. Foley offers Ellsworth a contract but he turns Foley down. BRAUN comes in and says “Don’t I know you?” Ellsworth runs away.

Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (c) vs Sami Zayn

-Zayn is in control early. Miz goes to the outside and suckers Sami into following him.

-Miz tosses Zayn into the barricade but Zayn hits his moonsault. Maryse gets in his face but Zayn does her hand gesture to her. Miz takes out Zayn’s leg.

-Miz continues to work over the leg of Zayn.

-Zayn finally gets some offense in then takes out Miz on the outside with a suicide dive.

-The commentary team is now Michael Cole, JBL, David Otunga and Byron Saxton. It is as bad as you would think.

-Miz mocks Daniel Bryan then hits three dropkicks in the corner followed by his corner clothesline.

-Sami catches Miz with the Blue Thunder Bomb but only gets two.

-Miz moves out of the way of the Helluva Kick. Miz applies the Figure Four. Sami is able to reverse it but there is a rope break.

-Miz hits the Daniel Bryan kicks. But he misses the last one and Zayn applies the Figure Four. Maryse goes and rings the bell. Miz then rolls up Zayn to give Miz the win.

WINNER and STILL Intercontinental Champion: The Miz- Well its Canada, you have to screw over a Canadian somehow. Basic match. I predicted a Miz win, but I thought Sami would end up winning as the match goes on. They better be building up to someone big taking the Title off Miz.

-Ambrose and Styles argue backstage. Shane comes in and tells them to stay focused.

Team RAW vs Team Smackdown: Ten vs Ten Tag Team Elimination Match

-Enzo and Cass bring up Tim Horton’s in their promo. They are right, Tim Horton’s coffee is awesome.

-New Day makes quick work of Fandango, eliminating Breezango.

***Breezango Eliminated***

-Jimmy Uso comes in and catches Kofi with a superkick and New Day is eliminated!

***New Day Eliminated***

-The New Day elimination has pretty much killed the crowd.

-The Hype Bros getting some offense in. Ryder takes out the Club with a double dropkick.

-Anderson catches Ryder with a knee to the head. The Club hits the Magic Killer to eliminate the Hype Bros.

***Hype Bros Eliminated***

-Chad Gable gets worked over by Team RAW.

-Gable ducks a Primo boot. He tags in Jason Jordan and they eliminate The Shining Stars with the Steiner Bulldog.

***Shining Stars Eliminated***

-The remaining teams brawl. Cass tosses Enzo onto the teams on the outside. Cass boots Rhyno off the apron then Slater dives to the outside on all of them.

-American Alpha gets their time. Jordan belly-to bellys Sheamus. Cesaro swings Jordan. Gable hits a roll through German. Jordan tosses Gable onto everyone outside. But Gallows hits Jordan and the Club hits the Magic Killer on Jordan to eliminate American Alpha.

***American Alpha Eliminated***

-Everyone gets eliminated: Rhyno spears Gallows, Enzo eliminates Rhyno, The Usos eliminate Enzo and Cass. We are down to the Usos and Sheamus/Cesaro.

-Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick on Jimmy but Jey breaks up the pin.

-Cesaro breaks up the pin and hits uppercut after uppercut on the Usos. He hits a 619 then a crossbody off the top but only gets two.

-Cesaro goes for the Sharpshooter but Sheamus causes a distraction. Jey applies the Tequilla Sunrise but Cesaro applies the Sharpshooter. Jimmy goes for a superkick but Sheamus Brogue Kick’s him. Jey taps out.

WINNERS: Team RAW (Cesaro and Sheamus Survive): The whole booking to that match is weird to me. New Day is eliminated early. American Alpha shines for a bit but in the end doesn’t look too strong. The flurry of eliminations, and Cesaro and Sheamus win? The unlikely duo winning is stupid to me when you have actual good tag teams on the roster. I hope they aren’t the ones to beat New Day for the Titles.

-Steph and Mick make New Day vs Sheamus and Cesaro for the Tag Titles tomorrow night on RAW.

Cruiserweight Championship: THE Brian Kendrick (c) vs Kalisto

-Kalisto takes out Kendrick early with a hurricarrana and then a dive to the outside.

-Kendrick kicks Kalisto hard into the corner then puts him in between the steps and post and kicks the steps into Kalisto.

-Kendrick applies a headlock that feels like it went on forever. Kalisto tries a comeback but Kendrick drops his neck on the ropes.

-Both men go to the apron. Kalisto hits a standing Spanish Fly to the apron. Fucking ouch.

-They go to the top. Kendrick headlocks Kalisto off the top and applies the Captian’s Hook. Kalisto is able to get to the ropes.

-Kalisto gets some moves in and hits the Salida del Sol. Kendrick gets his foot on the ropes.

-Kalisto goes to the top but Baron Corbin takes out Kendrick. He then hits the End of Days on Kalisto.

WINNER via DQ and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: THE Brian Kendrick: That was a weird finish. Do the cruisers work two night now? Okay match. I’m starting to think Kendrick as Champ isn’t great. He’s too slow for the rest of the cruisers. But they NEED to let the cruisers open up. Match felt like a basic mid-card match.

Team RAW vs Team Smackdown: 5-on-5 Elimination Match

-Owens and Styles exchange offense early. Both go for their finishers but don’t connect.

-Jericho tags in and him and KO hug before he goes to fight.

-Jericho tags in Rollins and the crowd gets excited for Rollins/Styles. But Styles tags in Ambrose.

-Rollins goes for a Pedigree but Ambrose tosses him.

-Jericho and Ambrose exchange offense. Jericho slaps Ambrose but Ambrose lands harder ones. Ambrose tags in Shane, who throws his trademark awful punches.

-Team RAW takes their time working over Shane.

-Ambrose gets the hot tag from Shane. He hits a dive to the outside but clearly missed.

-Everyone is in the ring brawling. It spills to the outside. BRAUN catches Ambrose, but Styles springboard punches BRAUN. Owens goes to the top and swantons onto everyone.

-Styles and Ambrose lay blows to BRAUN. Shane takes out BRAUN to the outside.

-Styles and Ambrose fight. Shane breaks it up. But Styles shoves Ambrose down and BRAUN hits a running powerslam to eliminate Ambrose.

***Dean Ambrose Eliminated***

-BRAUN splashes Shane in the corner, tosses Styles HARD to the outside. Then he clotheslines Orton.

-Bray tries to win BRAUN back, but BRAUN ain’t having any of it. He dropkicks Bray to the outside.

-BRAUN goes to take apart the announce table. But Orton RKO’s him out of nowhere. Orton and Bray hold down BRAUN and Shane hits an elbow through the table.

-BRAUN tries to get back in the ring, but Ellsworth was hiding under the ring and holding BRAUN’s leg. BRAUN is counted out. BRAUN chases Ellsworth up the stage and tosses him through some tables off the stage.

***BRAUN Strowman Eliminated***

-Jericho and Owens dominate Shane. Jericho hits a Codebreaker. Shane finally escapes for some reason and makes a hot tag to Styles.

-Owens brings the LIST into the ring and uses it on Styles and then hits the Pop-Up Powerbomb. The ref DQ’s Owens.

***Kevin Owens Eliminated***

-Jericho tries to collect his list. Orton comes in and hits the RKO and pins Jericho.

***Chris Jericho Eliminated***

-Rollins gets worked over a bit but makes the hot tag to Reigns.

-Reigns goes for the Superman Punch but Styles gets a kick off.

-Shane tags in and hits a DDT. Shane goes for the Coast to Coast but Reigns Spears him mid-air. The ref counts but Shane’s shoulder is up. But he looks out of it. Looks like his head snapped back hard. The ref still eliminates Shane.

***Shane McMahon Eliminated***

-Rollins and Styles finally exchange some offense. The crowd decides to chant about Roman though. Rollins hits a suplex into the Falcon Arrow for two.

-Rollins goes to dive to the outside but Orton catches him with a right hand. Reigns stops a DDT to the floor.

-Styles is left alone in the ring. Ambrose comes back out to attack Styles. Security takes him away, but Reigns and Ambrose beat up security. They hit the Shield triple powerbomb on Styles through the table. Rollins pins Styles in the ring.

***AJ Styles Eliminated***

-Luke Harper appears from under the ring but gets taken out by Rollins.

-Rollins goes for the Frog Splash, but Orton comes in with an RKO from OUT OF NOWHERE. Rollins is eliminated.

***Seth Rollins Eliminated***

-Reigns hits Bray with the Drive By then Spears Harper on the outside.

-In the ring, Bray hits a Superman Punch on Bray. Reigns goes for the Spear but Orton shoves Bray out of the way. Bray then hits Sister Abigail for the win.

WINNERS: Team Smackdown (Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt Survive): Good match. Shane getting knocked silly was scary. They protected the Champions with Styles and Owens eliminations. The Shield reunion was cool. The crowd might be getting sick of Ambrose and I could see a double turn coming. I hope they stick with this Orton/Bray pairing because it is different and I think it is working at this point.

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg

-Brock carries Goldberg into the corner. But Goldberg responds by shoving him down.

-Goldberg hits TWO Spears. He then hits the Jackhammer FOR THE WIN.

WINNER: Goldberg: I have no idea what just happened. I mean, I think I’m okay with it. But you keep Brock strong for so long and he gets jobbed out like that? Is something up with Brock? And is Goldberg wrestling again? There are a lot of questions coming out of this match that need to be answered.

OVERALL: This was a good show. The action wasn’t bad by any means. They put over Bray pretty strong which is quite surprising. I didn’t like the booking of the Tag Team Elimination match or the Cruiserweight match. The Women’s match was fine. BRAUN looked like a big deal. I have a feeling an Ambrose/Styles double turn might be coming. And the main event leaves a lot of people wondering what is up. I think Goldberg is wrestling again. But what is next for Brock? I’ll give the show a 7.

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