HTCWrestling Is Looking For Writers!


Love pro wrestling? Have a passion for writing? Well HTCWrestling is looking for writers!

We don’t pay. I don’t make money. Cam or Matt don’t make money. So until we do, you won’t. But you can use this to get your name out there and start a writing profile!

If you are interested, drop us a line in the comments and a way to get in contact with you (e-mail). We have no problem with what you want to write about: RAW, Smackdown, NXT, TNA (lol), Ring of Honor, NJPW. If you want to write about a specific brand, we would like you to take responsibility for covering their weekly shows and PPVs. (For example, if you wrote about NXT, we would expect you to be responsible for covering NXT on Wednesdays and the Takeover shows.) We would also expect one or two “feature” columns every month.

Once you leave a comment in the post, I (Justin C) will get in contact with you and request a writing sample.