Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 11.23.16

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-The show starts with a recap of last week and a promo for Paul London and his White Rabbit Group.

Trios Championship: Fenix, Drago and Aerostar (c) vs The Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, Mala Suerte and Saltador)

-The Rabbit Tribe does a dance around Melissa as they enter the ring. So now she has them and Marty the Moth to worry about.

-The Rabbit Tribe takes out the Champs with some dives to the outside. London catches Fenix with a superkick as he attempts a dive of his own.

-Saltador is in the checkered flag outfit while Mala Suerte is in the black mask and shorts.

-This match has had some really slow spots to start. At one point, Saltador waited and then stared at Aerostar before Aerostar sprung off the ropes.

-The sound is up this week as evidence by the sound Fenix’s kicks are making.

-Saltador gets beatdown in the corner by all members of the super friends. But after Aerostar and Drago hit dives to the outside, Saltador hits a nice spike DDT.

-Oh good Kobra Moon is here.

-Fenix gets caught by Saltador, but he rolls through to pin Saltador for the win.

-Kobra Moon tells Drago that he will soon bow down in front of his Queen.

WINNERS and STILL Trios Champs: Fenix, Aerostar and Drago: Sloppy match, and not because of the weirdness of the Rabbit Tribe. I’m fine with that. The match just had some slow spots and was in no way crisp whatsoever.

-The Mack congratulates Sexy Star on her win, and tells her he will make sure the Worldwide Underground doesn’t interfere in her match tonight. Sexy says thanks but no thanks, and she can handle herself.

Dante Fox vs Killshot

-Killshot gets the better of Fox early and connects with a dropkick.

-Fox comes back with a sitout dropkick. He then hits two suicide dives. He goes for a third but Killshot catches him with an enziguri.

-Fox knocks Killshot off the apron, then hits a running apron shooting star press after pushing off the post. Nice.

-Killshot, not to be out done, hits a neckbreaker from the apron to the floor.

-They exchange punches and kicks. Fox hits a jumping cutter. Somehow Killshot is up first.

-Now they are on the top rope. So Killshot decides to AA Fox onto the apron. Killshot then hits a double stomp but only gets two.

-Fox hits an enziguri kick. He throws Killshot on the top rope then hits a seated springboard C4 and follows it up with the Foxcatcher for the win.

WINNER: Dante Fox: Some spots were a little to contrived, but the match was still fun. Fox showed a lot of ability in this match. He needs to work on his “shocked” face a little bit. But they put him over strong in this first match.

-Johnny Mundo talks to Dario. He says he has a restraining order against Angelico. Mundo wants more respect from Dario after he wins the Title.

-Black Lotus is in Dario’s office. She wants a match with her and the Black Lotus Tribe against Pentagon Dark next week. Dario agrees, and makes it a gauntlet match.

Lucha Underground Championship: Sexy Star (c) vs Johnny Mundo

-Mundo takes the action to the mat early then stomps Sexy into the ground.

-Mundo lands some kicks and goes for the End of the World early, but Sexy rolls him up for two.

-Sexy moves out of the way of the End of the World this time and gets a rally going.

-Mundo stops the rally with a thumb to the eye.

-Sexy catches a charging Mundo with a boot then a hurricarrana for two.

-The fake crowd noise is pretty evident.

-Mundo comes back and catches Sexy with a knee to the face.

-They go to the outside. Mundo tries grabbing a crutch from the fan. He misses, then Sexy misses with it.

-The fan knocks out Sexy Star with some brass knucks. Mundo then hits the End of the World in the ring for the win.

-The “fan” then takes off her mask and reveals herself to be Taya. The Worldwide Underground comes out to celebrate.

WINNER and NEW Lucha Underground Champion: Johnny Mundo- The match layout was fine. Mundo dominated the whole match outside of a few Sexy Star hope spots. The ending keeps the heel heat on Mundo. Mundo finally gets the recognition being one of the better acts in LU since its beginning.

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