Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 11.30.16

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-Vampiro bumps into Pentago backstage. Vampiro tells him that everyone has to pay for their sins eventually. And just because Vampiro is no longer Pentagon’s master doesn’t mean he hasn’t forgotten.

Pentagon Dark vs The Black Lotus Triad

-The Triad is a female group from Stardom. I don’t know much about them but they are apparently really good.

-Doku (Kairi Hojo) starts the match. She tries to get some offense in early on. But Pentagon catches her charging in the corner with a super kick then some stiff kicks and chops.

-On the outside, Pentagon tosses her into the railing. He then gorilla press slams her and drops her on the ring apron.

-Up against the wall of Dario’s office Pentagon lands another kick.

-Doku all of the sudden feels better and hits a spear. She goes to the top and hits an elbow. She goes for a second but Pentagon catches her and breaks her arm.

WINNER: Pentagon Dark

-Catrina runs into Jeremiah Crane backstage. She asks if he is happy to see her. Apparently they were once a thing, and he is still wearing a piece of her stone around his neck. She says he must still be in love with her, but she is in love with someone else.

Pentagon Dark vs Yurei

-Yurei is Iwatani.

-They start by exchanging armdrags. Yurei hits a crossbody from the top to the outside.

-The poor people in the wooden chairs scatter as Pentagon gets thrown into them. Some people didn’t have a chance to move in time.

-A “This is Awesome” chant breaks out after some fighting on the outside. Okay.

-Yurei hits a hurricarrana then a double stomp from the top for two.

-Yurei hits the around the world DDT. But she then jumps into a package piledriver. Pentagon breaks her arm and that’s it.

WINNER: Pentagon Dark

-Dario tells Matanza he will get a Lucha Underground Championship match next week. Matanza says no. Dario asks what he wants. Matanza tells MYSTERIO.

Pentagon Dark vs Hitokiri

-Hitokiri is Io Shirai.

-Hitokiri catches Pentagon with a dropkick, then a moonsault from the top to the outside.

-Hitokiri then hits Pentagon with multiple chair shots and tosses him into the chairs again. She then pulls up the mat and bodyslams Pentagon on it.

-Pentagon stops a springboard elbow attempt with a dropkick to the mid-section.

-This time it is Hitokiri who takes a pretty nasty dive into the chairs.

-Pentagon then chokes her out with some cables.

-Another hard toss into the chairs on the outside, followed by an AA on the exposed floor.

-Pentagon goes to toss Hitokiri into a steel chair, but she stops herself then drop toe holds him into the chair. She then goes to the roof of Dario’s office and hits a crossbody off the it to the floor.

-Back in the ring, Hitokiri escapes a package piledriver then hits a Mexican Destroyer for the win.

WINNER: Hitokiri

Black Lotus and The Triad vs Pentagon Dark

-Black Lotus kicks over the ref then breaks Pentagon’s arm while Vampiro watches on with pleasure.

-El Dragon Azteca Jr comes out and breaks Pentagon’s other arm.

-We cut to Prince Puma in a casket. Master Vampiro then has super bloody eyes and says “Come with Me” as the show ends.

OVERALL: What is it with LU not wanting to book Pentagon strong? I mean, I know I just said I had no problem with Sexy Star winning the Title a couple of weeks ago. But I didn’t like the booking of Pentagon here at all. He looked like a chump by the end of the show. And I know the women from Stardom are good wrestlers. But I just couldn’t get behind this story at all. I’ll be curious to see what, if anything, happens with Pentagon for the rest of the season.

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