Quick Hits: WWE TLC 2016

-Justin C here with you. I’m really angry after the Bills loss so this show better be good.

American Alpha, The Hype Bros and Apollo Crews vs The Vaudevillains, The Ascension and Curt Hawkins

-Didn’t I just see this match on the last Smackdown show?

-Not even my man Mojo can get me hyped right now.

-How do you think the Ascension feels knowing they have to put on all that face paint just to go out there and job?

-Jason Jordan gets the hot tag and the good guys pick up the win.

WINNERS: American Alpha, The Hype Bros and Apollo Crews

Smackdown Tag Team Championship: Heath Slater and Rhyno (c) vs Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton

-Rhyno stealing the Rusev chops look.

-Orton tosses Slater to the apron. Luke Harper distracts the ref so Bray takes out the legs of Slater.

-Bray and Orton take their turns working over Slater.

-The crowd is suppose to be behind Slater and Rhyno, but they like the team of Orton and Bray.

-Slater fights off Bray and Orton, but he jumps into the ring and right into an Orton scoop slam.

-Rhyno gets the hot tag. He goes to the outside to Gore Orton, but Harper pushes Orton out of the way and eats it.

-Back in the ring, Bray distracts Rhyno with the spider walk. This allows Orton to hit the RKO on Rhyno and pick up the win.

WINNERS and NEW Smackdown Tag Team Champions- Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton- Surprisingly short match that saw Orton and Bray dominate most of it, which is what they needed to do to put them over strong. I still think they breakup before Mania leading to a singles match.

No DQ Match: Nikki Bella vs Carmella

-Nikki thinks this is a MMA match with braided hairstyle.

-Carmella head scissors Nikki and goes right into the stairs and starts to sell her leg.

-There are apparently countouts in this match, which is pretty dumb.

-Carmella gets a kendo stick and goes to work on Nikki’s leg.

-Carmella applies the cone of silence but Nikki escapes by using the kendo stick.

-Nikki backs Carmella into the post on the outside, then hits a front kick off the barricade into Carmella.

-I got kicked off the Network for a minute. I come back and Nikki sprays Carmella with a fire extinguisher. She then hits the Rack Attack 2.0 for the win.

WINNER: Nikki Bella: If you took the build of this feud and combined it with the Sasha/Charlotte Falls Count Anywhere Match, it would have made for one hell of a match and program finisher. Pretty weak overall.

-After the match, Carmella tells Nikki that it was Natalya that attacked her at Survivor Series. Okay.

Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship: The Miz (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

-Miz catapults Dolph to the outside and catches him with a dropkick.

-Miz dropkicks a ladder into Ziggler.

-Ziggler with a nice counter into a DDT on the ladder.

-Back in the ring, Miz sets up a ladder in the corner and dropkicks it into Ziggler.

-Miz tries to suplex Ziggler off the ladder, but Ziggler knocks him off. Miz hits the ladder face first then Ziggler hits an elbow drop.

-Ziggler climbs the ladder, but Miz pulls him off. Ziggler catches him with a clothesline.

-Ziggler climbs again, but Miz tips over the ladder.

-My Network freezes AGAIN. I come back and Miz slams Ziggler’s leg into the ladder.

-Miz now starts to work over the leg of Ziggler. He applies the Figure Four with Dolph’s leg in the ladder, then kicks the ladder into Ziggler’s leg for good measure.

-Ziggler goes for a superkick but can’t get his leg up. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale onto the ladder.

-Miz climbs the ladder, but Dolph pulls it out from under him. Miz hangs then Ziggler knocks the ladder back into Miz. Miz falls and either sells it really well or legit hurt his leg.

-It must’ve been a good sell job. Ziggler climbs, Miz pulls him off and hits a slingshot powerbomb onto the ladder in the corner.

-Both men climb the ladder. Ziggler headbutts Miz off. But Miz recovers and gives two low blows to Ziggler. He falls off and Miz wins.

-After the match Miz thanks Daniel Bryan for the motivation to win the match.

WINNER and STILL Intercontinental Champion: The Miz: Okay ladder match. There was no high flying. They used the ladder more as a weapon rather than a prop to use for high spots. Someone should debut to take the IC Title from Miz soon. There’s no one on the Smackdown roster who should take it from him.

Chairs Match: Kalisto vs Baron Corbin

-After his entrance Kalisto looked under the ring for chairs, despite them being set up all around ringside instead.

-Kalisto knocks Corbin into a seated chair then dropkicks him.

-On the outside, Corbin tosses Kalisto into a group of chairs like if he were wrestling in Lucha Underground.

-Corbin sets up a chair fort in the ring. But he takes too long and Kalisto drop toe holds him into a chair set up in the corner.

-Kalisto goes to the top and hits a seated senton onto the chairs but only gets two.

-Kalisto goes for a suicide dive, but Corbin catches him and hits the Deep Six on the outside.

-Corbin misses a bunch of chair shots on the outside. Kalisto runs the barricade and hits a hurricarrana on the floor.

-Kalisto moonsaults and hits the double knees onto Corbin with a chair on him.

-Kalisto goes to the top, but Corbin murders him with a chair. Corbin then hits the End of Days onto a pile of chairs for the win.

WINNER: Baron Cobin- Good match. The crowd wasn’t as into it as you would expect. But both guys put on a strong performance. That final chair shot from Corbin looked nasty. The announcers put Kalisto over strong after the match.

-Natalya denied attacked Nikki and called Carmella a liar.

Tables Match for the Smackdown Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Alexa Bliss

-Becky dominates outside the ring early. She goes for a powerbomb through the announce table, but Alexa escapes.

-Becky sweeps Alexa’s leg out from under her on the apron.

-They share near table experiences on the apron. Alexa bites Becky and knocks her off the ropes.

-Alexa remains in control in the ring. Alexa sets Becky up on a table but Becky gets up and knocks the table over.

-Becky starts her comeback. But Alexa blocks a t-bone suplex. She hits double knees on Becky.

-Becky goes for an AA through the table. But Alexa knocks the table over then DDT’s Becky onto the flipped over table.

-Becky catches Alexa off guard and applies the armbar through the table leg.

-They eventually get to the apron where there is a table on the floor. Alexa gets knocked off, but she grabs Becky and powerbombs her through the table for the win.

WINNER and NEW Smackdown Women’s Champion: Alexa Bliss- The problem with tables matches is that the crowd won’t care for a whole 12 minutes or so until they know the end is coming. That is what happened here. The match was slow too. But with all the hard work Alexa has put in over the last two months, she deserves this win. She’s been great entertainment. I don’t think this feud is over.

TLC Match for the WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Dean Ambrose

-This crowd is definitely pro AJ Styles.

-Styles ducks under the ladder but turns around to see Ambrose shove it right in his face.

-They brawl up the ramp, Ambrose tosses Styles over a table then suplexes him on the steel.

-Ambrose puts a garbage can on the head of Styles then knocks him over. He runs the barricade but Styles catches him with a dropkick.

-Ambrose crotches Styles on the barricade.

-Ambrose climbs the ladder, but Styles brings him down. Styles then tosses the ladder into Ambrose.

-Ambrose recovers and catapults Styles into the ladder and over the top.

-Back in the ring Styles hits a sidewalk slam onto a chair.

-Styles sets up four chairs. He goes for a suplex, but Ambrose counters and flips him back first through the chairs.

-Ambrose tries putting Styles through a table. But Styles counters and suplexes AJ through the table.

-Styles hits a dropkick but Ambrose bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline.

-Ambrose tosses Styles to the outside then hits a suicide dive.

-There is a rip in the tights of Styles showing a visible cut and some of his butt.

-Ambrose sets up a ladder on the German announce table. He then hits an elbow drop off the ladder through the regular announce table.

-The usual slow climb up the ladder for Ambrose. Styles recovers and hits the Phenomenal Forearm to knock off Ambrose.

-Ambrose escapes a Styles Clash, then tosses Styles into the ladder.

-Back on the outside, Styles hits the moonsault from the apron into a reverse DDT on the floor.

-AJ sets Ambrose up on a table and hits a PICTURE PERFECT SPRINGBOARD 45O THROUGH A TABLE.

-Here comes James Ellsworth. Styles goes for another Styles Clash. But Ambrose stops him and hits the Dirty Deeds.

-Ambrose climbs. AJ tries to stop him but gets knocked off. Ellsworth comes back in the ring and pushes the ladder over, sending Dean through two tables on the outside.

-Styles climbs the ladder and grabs the Title to retain as Ellsworth celebrates on the outside. The show ends with no Undertaker.

WINNER and STILL WWE Champion: AJ Styles- Good ladder match, but man, the WWE is really tempting fate here with the James Ellsworth storyline. It is starting to get close to over exposure. No Taker appearance at the end also kind of let the crowd down. Would have liked to see a relatively clean Styles win, but the WWE never lets heels win clean. I still think Styles/Taker is coming, and it should start in the next couple weeks.

OVERALL: Okay show, but nothing great. The crowd was pretty much flat all night. This does seem like the end of Styles/Ambrose and Miz/Ziggler. But where Miz goes next remains a question. I hope Samoa Joe comes up to take the Title from him. The Chairs match was fun, and Alexa deserves the Women’s Title. But Smackdown is still in need of a couple more roster pieces to make it a more well rounded show. I’m giving the show a 5.

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