Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 12.7.16

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-Angelico comes into Dario’s office and wants a match with Johnny Mundo. Dario says he can’t be cause of Mundo’s restraining order against Angelico. Angelico threatens Dario, but Dario says that he can be in Dario’s new tournament, the Battle of the Bulls. The winner gets a Title shot.

-The Battle of the Bulls Tournament is four 4-way matches. The winner of those matches then go to another 4 way match and the winner faces Mundo.

-There is something blurred out on Vampiro’s shirt. Do they not check that stuff out beforehand?

Cage vs Texano vs Joey Ryan vs Dr. Wagner Jr.

-Cage knocks our Famous B as he is introducing Dr. Wagner Jr.

-Texano and Cage exchange blows. Remember, they are in a Best of 5 series and they don’t know that the winner gets taken over by the spirit of an Aztec god.

-Cage hits a moonsault from the top rope to the floor. The problem? They used a camera shot that showed all three men walking right into position to take it/catch him.

-Dr. Wagner takes control. He connects on a nice Dragon Screw leg whip and DDT on Texano.

-Tower of Doom spot: Cage powerbombs Texano and Dr. Wagner while they suplex Joey Ryan.

-Cage backdrops Dr. Wagner and hits a throwaway slam on Famous B at the same time.

-Texano superkicks Joey Ryan and hits the sitout powerbomb. But Cage breaks up the pin and hits Texano with his bull rope. Cage pins Ryan to pick up the win.


-Dario tells Sexy Star that she will fight PJ Black tonight, and if she wins she will fight Johnny Mundo in a Title match inside a cage. But if she doesn’t win, she won’t get another Title shot.

-Cortez Castro tells Capt. Vasquez that his cover is blown. She tells Castro she trusts him, and when his arm is healed he will go back deeper undercover in a mask.

Sexy Star vs PJ Black

-Sexy gets some offense in early, and they cut to the clearly planted girls that were there when Sexy won the LU Title.

-Black blocks a head scissors and hits an awkward neckbreaker.

-Black holds Sexy and knocks her head into the turnbuckle while mock humping her. Okay.

-Black goes to the top but Sexy crotches him. She goes for a Frankensteiner but Black rolls through and hits a Styles Clash for two.

-Sexy starts a comeback but Jack Evans comes out. He throws a bat in the ring to distract the ref. Evans holds Sexy Star but she moves and Black kicks Evans. Sexy connects on a sunset flip for the win.

WINNER: Sexy Star

-Kobra Moon (ugh) tells her two tribesmen to go find Drago and make him kneel before his Queen. Apparently he caused them to lose a war years ago.

-Dario talks to Matanza and says he can’t fight Rey until he returns from his injuries. Dario tells Matanza that Dragon Azteca Jr is back. Dario tells Matanza not to make the same mistakes, so Matanza grabs Dario’s head and slams it against the cage. He then takes the key. Dario no!

Marty the Moth Martinez vs Dragon Azteca Jr vs The Mack vs Mil Muertes

-All three men go after Mil quickly, but he throws them away and goes to work on them.

-Mack tosses Dragon Azteca into the air, but Dragon Azteca hits the Tijuana DDT. Mil comes and catches Dragon Azteca with a spear.

-Mil spears Marty through the ropes to the outside onto Dragon and Mack.

-Lots of action. We end up with Dragon Azteca Jr and Mil. Dragon hits the 450 splash. He goes for another, but Matanza comes out and beats down Dragon Azteca Jr.

-Dario, with blood, gets Matanza to come back with the key.

-Mack and Marty battle. Mack tosses Marty off the ropes then hits a Stunner for the win.

WINNER: The Mack

OVERALL: Okay episode. Both Fatal 4 Way matches were fine. I’m surprised Cage won the first one because they are REALLY stretching out this Cage/Texano series. I just want to see someone get taken over by the spirit of an Aztec god damn it! Sexy Star/PJ Black was crap. But Sexy Star matches, outside of the Mariposa anomaly, aren’t great. I think this is all still building to Angelico/Mundo, but we’ll see.

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