Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 12.14.16

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Battle of the Bulls: Killshot vs Dante Fox vs Jeremiah Crane vs Mariposa

-They try to make Mariposa the “power” person of the match early. Except she looks to slow and even for LU it looks really fake.

-Crane and Killshot both hit dives to the outside.

-Crane says screw it and throws some chairs in the ring. He tosses one at Killshot as he tries going off the top.

-Crane sets up a bunch of chairs musical chairs style, except inward. They set up the tower of doom spot and Killshot takes the brunt of it.

-Mariposa just tosses chairs at all three men while they are on the ground.

-Crane hits a Death Valley Driver followed by a sitout powerbomb for two.

-Mariposa hits the slowest Butterfly Effect ever on Killshot through a setup chair. Dante Fox barely breaks up the pin with a weak slap.

-Fox hits a springboard seated C4 for 2. Fox goes to the top, but Crane gets his feet up ad hits a spike powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Jeremiah Crane

-Killshot takes out Dante Fox after the match.

-Sexy Star goes back to the locker room after some training and someone put a fake spider in her locker. Okay.

Kobra Moon vs Drago

-Drago keeps control early and keeps the action on the ground.

-Similar to Mariposa, Kobra Moon is too slow to keep up with Drago and it shows.

-Drago continues to dominate until the lizard man from last week comes out and attacks Drago. Fenix and Aerostar eventually come in for the save.

-Kobra Moon summons another man with a lizard mask. This guy is pretty big. He hits some kicks then double chokeslams Fenix and Aerostar. He finishes with a Tombstone on Drago then lifts him over his shoulders and takes him.

WINNER via DQ: Drago

-Sexy Star confronts Mariposa about the spider. Mariposa says it wasn’t her, and she would have left something beautiful like a butterfly. Sexy punches a hole in the wall.

Battle of the Bulls: Jack Evans vs PJ Black vs Angelico vs Son of Havoc

-Son of Havoc and Angelico both hit dives to the outside.

-Angelico gets Evans on his shoulders. Son of Havoc hits a double stomp on Evans then one on a standing Black.

-Evans and Black now take their turns on Angelico after tossing Havoc to the outside.

-Angelico goes for the Fall of the Angels but Evans reverses it into a hurricarrana.

-Black and Evans go for the Doomsday Device but Havoc somehow “reverses” it despite pretty much landing on his face.

-Havoc takes out Black on the outside with a dive. Angelico then decides to suplex Evans from the second rope to the outside. Evans lands with pretty much no protection.

-Somehow Evans is okay. Black and Evans take out Angelico and Havoc. Black tells Evans to pin him, but Black rolls him up for the win.


-Dragon Azteca Jr tells Rey Mysterio that he now understands the full power of Matanza. Rey says it is a fight that Dragon cannot win. Dragon says he isn’t worried about winning, and Rey can’t tell him what to do anymore. Dragon says he will end Matanza’s life.

OVERALL: Pretty meh episode. The matches were okay but nothing great. They did a good job of debuting Kobra Moon’s two new people. It was a much better job than they did with Paul London’s White Rabbit group. Jeremiah Crane has also done well for himself since his debut. So assuming Mundo beats Sexy Star next week, I’m guessing The Mack is next in line for a Title shot.

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