Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 12.21.16

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Battle of the Bulls Finals: The Mack vs Cage vs Jeremiah Crane vs PJ Black

-Everyone gets some offense in early on.

-Now it is time for everyone to hit a dive to the outside. Cage hits a nice running senton over the top rope.

-Cage gets his time to shine. Mack has him in the Doomsday Device position, but Cage catches Black and powerslams him down. Cage then powerbombs Crane onto Mack.

-Texano runs down and knocks out Cage. Everyone hits their finishers on Cage and Black pins him to eliminate Cage.

***Cage Eliminated***

-Things have slowed down quite a bit. Crane hits a sitout powerbomb and transitions the kickout into a kneebar.

-Mack and Crane go to the top. Mack hits a stunner off the top to eliminate Crane.

***Jeremiah Crane Eliminated***

-Back from break, Black hits a Stunner on Mack but Mack no-sells it. Mack then hits a Stunner on Black for the win.

WINNER: The Mack

-Fenix and Aerostar are looking for Drago in the men’s room. Kobra Moon appears. Hey, what is she doing in there! She tells them Drago came back to her tribe, but Aerostar says Drago made a vow never to return to her tribe years ago. Kobra and her two henchmen take out Aerostar and Fenix.

-Sexy Star congratulates The Mack. That weird spider appears as they leave.

-Jeremiah Crane pulls a Ouija board out of Dario’s office ceiling. He said he left it there when he was a kid. Crane then confronts Catrina. Crane says he has a match with Matanza next week. Crane says after that he will have Catrina all to herself.

Steel Cage Match for the Lucha Underground Championship: Johnny Mundo (c) vs Sexy Star

-Sexy tosses Mundo into the cage but Mundo parkours off it.

-Both try escaping. Mundo pulls down Sexy and slams her into the cage a few times.

-Mundo “struggles” to pull Sexy off the ropes. Sexy then hits a hurricarrana off the ropes.

-Mundo has taken complete control. He gets Sexy in a Firemen’s Carry position and rams her head into the cage.

-Sexy stops Mundo from escaping in the corner and pulls him down for a powerbomb.

-Sexy knocks Mundo off the cage. Instead of going out, she does the dumb babyface spot and hits a crossbody off the top of the cage. Mundo catches her then falls down. Wasn’t one smooth motion. She only gets two.

-Mundo and Sexy are fighting on the ropes. Mundo rips off Sexy’s mask so she jumps to the ground to cover her face. Mundo climbs over the cage for the win.

WINNER and STILL Lucha Underground Champion: Johnny Mundo

-The crowd chants “That Was Bullshit” as The Mack appears at the top of the ramp and hits a Stunner on Mundo.

-The show ends with Kobra Moon returning to her layer and Drago shackled up. Drago says he would rather starve than take anything from her. He shoots fire like a dragon.

OVERALL: Pretty boring show as both matches didn’t do much for me. They were both slow, especially the cage match. The four way was pretty clunky and the match literally ended right after the commercial break which was weird. I’ve been pretty hard on LU this year but I don’t think it is anywhere near as good as the first two seasons so far.

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