WWE RAW 12.26.16: Five Thoughts w/Justin C


1. Stephanie McMahon With A Great Burn

-I’m usually down on Stephanie McMahon and think she can be quite annoying. But damn did she have a great burn on the Chicago crowd. She was immediately met with “CM Punk” chants when she started talking. Stephanie responded by saying “If you can keep the chant going for 2 minutes and 15 seconds you’d last longer than CM Punk.”

Listen, I like CM Punk. He is still one of my five favorite wrestlers of all time. But it is time for everyone, including those in Chicago, to move on. It has been almost three years. If he comes back at some point great. And even though I still give him high marks for attempting a UFC career, he still looked embarrassing in defeat.

2. Less Is More

-For the second week in a row we saw Bayley take on Charlotte in a non-Title match. This time Charlotte won due to a fast count from ref Dana Brooke. This leads me to believe there might be another non-Title match next week. But the WWE needs to stop doing this match weekly on TV. I know the Title isn’t on the line, but the match won’t seem as big when that does happen at the Rumble. Plus the matches that Bayley and Charlotte have had don’t get me excited to see them fight a longer match down the line. Bayley is still a great character and Charlotte is a good heel, but something doesn’t seem to be clicking yet with these two.

3. The WWE Proved Me Wrong With the Sami Zayn/BRAUN Strowman Story

-I couldn’t get fully invested into the Sami Zayn/BRAUN Strowman storyline because I didn’t have faith in the WWE to make anything of it. Well, they have completely proven me wrong. Not only has BRAUN gotten over tremendously since the start of it. But the crowd is also getting behind Zayn in this story, which was the entire point of it. Both men have benefited greatly from this storyline. BRAUN is now going to be a main event player. Zayn looks great in likely defeat. If it were up to me, I’d have the Sami Zayn vs BRAUN Strowman Last Man Standing Match main event RAW next week. There’s really nothing else that should top it.

4. Actual Direction For The Cruiserweights

-The Cruiserweight division continues to get better as the weeks go on. Neville’s impact can’t be denied. And I have a feeling Austin Aries is going to be in the division and on RAW once he is all healed up from injury. Then there is the Jack Gallagher/Ariya Daivari feud which is a nice little feud to have going on. And we still have yet to see Gran Metalik or Akira Tozawa make their debuts. Maybe we all wrote off the cruiserweights a bit too early here.

5. Lets Keep Pinning The Universal Champion

-I am in no way shape or form a fan of having your Universal Champion get pinned as much as the WWE does with Kevin Owens. Especially clean like Owens has. This is the reason that Champions, especially heel Champions, aren’t taken seriously anymore in the WWE. There’s no reason to have your Champion lose as much as Owens does. Not only that, but to Roman Reigns AGAIN. The WWE trying to hype Reigns as some prestigious United States Champion also erks me. He carries the Title like it is a dirty gym rag. But the WWE needs to stop having Owens lose like this. His Championship reign already is on the rocks, and losing clean again doesn’t help him.


Cesaro and Sheamus defeated New Day to retain the RAW Tag Team Titles

Nia Jax defeated Scarlett the Jobber

Charlotte defeated Bayley with the help of referee Dana Brooke

Neville defeated TJ Perkins

The Shining Stars vs Bo Dallas and Darren Young ended in a No Contest after TOTAL BRAUN DESTRUCTION

BRAUN Strowman defeated Seth Rollins via DQ

Gallows and Anderson defeated The Golden Truth

Rich Swann defeated Ariya Daivari

Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens to retain the United States Championship

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