WWE Smackdown Live 1.3.17: Three Thoughts w/Justin C

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1. The Resurrection of The Miz Might Be The Best Story of the Brand Split

-After the Draft everyone was down on Smackdown Live. Most people thought the roster was very top heavy and had nothing going for it after the top couple guys. We were proven wrong. And the fact that The Miz has become such an important part of the show still amazes me. He’s had a career revival on Smackdown ever since he snapped on Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack. He seems much more motivated on TV. His matches are entertaining. He seems like a completely different person. I would absolutely say he deserves another main event run in the near future.

2. This Dolph Ziggler Heel Turn Might Be The Last Gasp of His Career

-There is not a lot left for Ziggler to do in his WWE career. I’ve honestly become pretty bored with him as a wrestler. He’s had his chances and the WWE never follows through, or Ziggler doesn’t connect with the crowd like the WWE hoped for (see SummerSlam). I thought he needed to turn heel, but Smackdown already has so many heels I didn’t think the WWE would do it. Well, he turned on Kalisto then had a scuffle with Apollo Crews backstage. I’m okay with this, especially because it might mean Kalisto and Crews will be used more on TV. I don’t know what else is left for Ziggler if this run doesn’t work out for him.

3. John Cena and AJ Styles Together Is Magic

-The contract signing between these two was fantastic. Styles saying Cena will never be as good as The Rock in Hollywood or in the ring was great. And Cena’s retort was just as good. John Cena as serious Cena is the best Cena. If he isn’t cutting corny kids jokes he is often one of the best promo guys in the company. I really wish there was a way I could get Cena/Styles and Cena/Taker at Wrestlemania. Both will be great matches, and Styles deserves a marquee match at the show. Cena/Taker definitely doesn’t need the Title. But I don’t think I have seen a single bad segment yet involving John Cena and AJ Styles together.

Quick Hits

-This Carmella/James Ellsworth Storyline won’t have the payoff it needs. And why should we feel bad for Ellsworth after he screwed over Dean Ambrose?

-I can’t wait for La Luchadora to be revealed as being James Ellsowrth.

-Renee Young involved in the IC Title story is fine with me. More Renee Young on TV=Ratings

-John Cena has yet to come to the defense of Nikki Bella when everyone is ripping on her. Some boyfriend.

-Smackdown hyping up next week’s show already. This is why they are better than RAW.

MATCH Results

Baron Corbin defeated Dolph Ziggler

Becky Lynch defeated La Luchadora (it started off as the mystery person, then when to Alexa Bliss)

Carmella defeated Aliyah with the help of James Ellsowrth

American Alpha defeated The Fashion Police

Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz to win the Intercontinental Title

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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