WWE Smackdown Live 1.10.17: Three Thoughts and More w/Justin C

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1.This Is The Most I Have Cared About Natalya In Forever

-I’ve never been the biggest fan of Natalya. I think she is overrated as an in ring worker. And her promo work and emoting is awful. But her little mini feud she is having with Nikki Bella is great. They were suppose to have a match this week, but instead had a good pull apart brawl. The crowd chanted “Let Them Fight” which is a sign that the booking is being done right. Natalya cut a good promo last week as well. Smackdown Live has me invested in this mini feud more than I am invested in the top feuds on RAW.

2. And The Same Can Be Said For Dolph Ziggler

-It looks like the WWE is taking it slow with the Dolph Ziggler heel turn. And I’m perfectly okay with that. He hasn’t explained his actions yet. But he’s snapped twice now after losing clean. And you know what the best part of this turn is? It is making Apollo Crews and Kalisto seem relevant again. I thought Ziggler needed a heel turn to shake his character up. I didn’t think the WWE would do it. It leaves Smackdown a hole on the face side of the division. But it is getting the fans talking about Ziggler again.

3. Hey Look, A Women’s Gimmick Match That Isn’t Forced Upon Us

-On next week’s Smackdown, Alexa Bliss will defend the Smackdown Women’s Title against Becky Lynch inside a steel cage. And guess what? This is a gimmick match that actually makes sense with the way the feud is going. There has been interference over the last few weeks. So Daniel Bryan figures a cage will stop that. Smart booking. A gimmick match that isn’t being forced down our throats. I had no problem with the women having a Hell In A Cell match. But they hyped up to death as revolutionary. On RAW, everything felt forced. On Smackdown, this all came about naturally and makes sense. This is why Smackdown is better than RAW.

Random One Liners

-At some point Nikki Bella’s shorts are just going to get so small that they will disappear.

-Apollo Crews is taking lessons from John Cena in the “How To Save Your Best Friend From A Beat Down” playbook.

-These crowd cutaways are god awful. I don’t need to see some small child freaking out over a dropkick.

-The slow burn of the Orton/Wyatt breakup is great.

-Now that James Ellsworth is out of the main event scene, I’m looking forward to his makeover with Carmella next week.


Kalisto defeated Dolph Ziggler

American Alpha defeated Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton to retain the Smackdown Tag Titles

Carmella defeated a jobber

John Cena defeated Baron Corbin

OVERALL: Smackdown Live had four matches, but it was a great show again. There’s more storyline development on this show then RAW has had in awhile. Everything about Smackdown seems to come naturally. RAW seems to force everything down our throats. RAW has used the same four guys in their main events in the last months. Smackdown changes it up almost every week. There’s so much to like about Smackdown right now.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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