Quick Hits: Lucha Underground Mid-Season Finale 1.11.17

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-Dario is in his office talking to his friend that gave him the Aztec warrior glove. His name is Mr. Delgado. Dragon Azteca comes in and says he wants Matanza in a Death Match.

-Vampiro looks at the camera and tells Mil Muertes that his time is coming.

Texano vs Joey Ryan

-It might just be me, but Texano looks like he has been taking some “special medicine” to put on some muscle.

-Ryan tosses Texano into the railing. Back in the ring, Ryan pulls his lollipop out of his tights and the crowd chants “This is Awesome.” Apparently these fans are turned on by men taking lollipops out of their underwear.

-Famous B and Brenda come down dressed as cowboys, which has been the most interesting thing about this match.

-Joey Ryan goes for the bull rope but Famous B stops him. Brenda slides Texano a golden horseshoe and he uses it for the win.

WINNER: Texano

-Johnny Mundo promo. He thanks Evans and Black for being great friends, then tells The Mack he isn’t in his world. The Mack comes out and beats down Mundo, then Evans and Black eat Stunners. Security meets the same fate. Meh.

Cage vs Veneno

-Cage is wearing his iron fist glove. Veneno is I’m pretty sure Cortez Castro, because they showed a clip of him to start the show with his Lieutenant giving him the mask to get back into the temple.

-None of Veneno’s offense phases Cage. Cage wins with a Steiner Screwdriver.


-Sexy Star kicks Veneno in the face after the match. She must assume it was him leaving spiders in her locker.

Death Match: El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs Matanza

-Matanza tosses Dragon Azteca in the air but Azteca hits a nice hurricarrana.

-Dragon Azteca sets the chair up and hits a running swanton off the chair to the outside.

-Matanza is quick to recover and slams Dragon Azteca into the wall. He then must have skipped leg day, because Matanza puts Dragon Azteca on his shoulders and carries him up the stairs.

-Dragon Azteca goes spider man. He hits a swanton off a wall onto Mantana then a hurricarrna into the stair railing.

-They brawl on the stairs. Matanza chokeslams Dragon Azteca throw the bleachers onto the floor below as the ref calls for the bell.

WINNER: Matanza

-After the match Rey Mysterio comes out. Matanza goes up the bleachers and hits “fans” to get to Rey.

-They brawl up the stairs. Rey ends up tossing Matanza over the railing through the roof of the storage room that many people have gone through before. Dario starts ringing the bell like crazy and yells at everyone to get out.

-Marty the Moth in seen watching Melissa Santos. He is then kidnapped by his sister Mariposa. She has him tied up in a room.

OVERALL: Pretty weak mid-season finale. I feel like a couple things were shuffled around from the tapings. I know the original Death Match was stopped after Matanza “Goldberg’d” his hand through a window. But none of the wrestling on the show was great. Even Mundo’s promo was pretty weak. Of course, those were never the strength of Mundo to begin with. I’m kind of glad there is a break coming up because I think Lucha Underground needs it.

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