JC’s Top Rope Report: The Most Exciting and Frustrating Time of the WWE Year

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We are once again close to the most interesting time of the year in the WWE. Whenever Wrestlemania season comes around, wrestling fans start to come out from hibernation. There are a good amount of fans who don’t follow the product year round like myself and others do. Some fans come out when the Royal Rumble comes around. Football season is over, and the WWE is pushing towards their biggest event of the year.

Every year, however, the WWE does the same cycle over and over. They bring out the big guns for Wrestlemania season to get the casual viewers back. But once all of the part timers leave, so do the part time fans. And that is because the WWE never gives them a reason to stick around.

It is a constant problem that the WWE always has. They have an inability to make new stars. And when they pick someone to make their new star (Roman Reigns), it isn’t what their main audience wants to see. And this isn’t just a Wrestlemania season thing. Throughout the year, the WWE refuses to treat their full time wrestlers as major stars or serious threats. Just look at the booking on RAW. Kevin Owens run as Universal Champion is a flop if you ask me. He’s lost twice clean to Roman Reigns on TV. And while I like the Owens/Jericho relationship and think their comedy is great, it at times borders on too goofy and takes away from Owens on Champ.

At some point as a wresting fan, you wish that the WWE didn’t have to rely on stars of the past to help make Wrestlemania seem like a big deal. Or if they are going to bring back stars of the past, why not use them to fight your full time talent and put them over? It’s something I have been pushing the WWE to do for a long time. A few Wrestlemanias ago I wrote a piece saying Wrestlemania should be the young guns vs the future. I’m pretty sure that was around Wrestlemania 27, because I can remember saying Wade Barrett should face The Undertaker (And I still standby that).

I’m not a fan of another Goldberg/Lesnar match. It adds nothing to on going storylines and does nothing for the future of the WWE. You have to know that they are going to have a longer match than they did at Survivor Series. But unless it is a nonstop brawl, I have a feeling the fans will lose interest relatively quickly. Not only that, but this match is also the rumored main event of the show. That would put it into guaranteed bomb status if you ask me. Instead of another Brock/Goldberg match, the WWE should be building up their current starts to fight these two. Imagine if BRAUN was still undefeated as a singles star? BRAUN vs Goldberg could have a big fight feel to it if the WWE booked it right. And you know what? I would put BRAUN over in that scenario. You HAVE to put over your full time stars in these situations. It is why Dean Ambrose should have beat Brock Lesnar last year.

Who else could you have face Goldberg? Roman Reigns comes to mind. You’d have to turn Reigns heel in that situation. But this would probably be just about the best use of Roman Reigns you could have. Goldberg is a fan favorite, and no one wants to see Reigns in the Title match. I would’ve liked to see Kevin Owens built up to face Goldberg as well. Owens could get a good match out of him in the ring. Owens would also have a good match with Brock Lesnar.

Names like Brock Lesnar, Goldberg and The Undertaker sell tickets. But that itself should be a major red flag for WWE officials. The fact that the WWE continually has to rely on stars from the past to make money is a problem. Maybe this year will finally be the year the WWE gets behind its current crop of full time stars. They might have the best roster they’ve had in years. It’s time for the WWE to start using them to their full potential.

Until then, Wrestlemania season will continue to excite and disappoint. While fans gets excited for the show itself, it continues to show the problem the WWE has every year. Come the week after Wrestlemania, the WWE will go back into its regular pattern of not booking a competent weekly wrestling show that makes everyone look good in the process.

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