WWE 205 Live 1.17.17: Spewin’ Snark Recap w/ Cameron Dougharty

205 Live has the best commentator team in the WWE. Austin Aries and Corey Graves feed very well off each other going back and forth while Mauro Ranallo is becoming the next Jim Ross.

Cedric Alexander v. Drew Gulak

Why god why are two of the best cruiserweights, Alexander and Noam Dar fighting over Alicia Foxx? She should have been released YEARS AGO!

Drew Gulak, after it is all said and done, may be the biggest miss during this signing frenzy. Gulak isn’t used every week and when he is the grappler is putting over the faces. Drew did pick up the win this week, mostly because of a girl distracting Alexander, sweet booking WWE.

Mustafa Ali v. Tony Nese

This match is a prime example of why all of these guys were brought into the WWE, a quality ‘indie’ type of match where both guys brought their A games. Ali may be the most underrated wrestler on the whole Cruiserweight roster. BUT TONY NESE IS THE MAN AND SHOULD BE ON THE SMACKDOWN LIVE ROSTER!

Jack Gallagher v. Ariya Daivari ‘I Forfeit Match’

When 205 Live was announced I thought the likes of Rich Swann, Alexander and Brian Kendrick would be the top guys. I have been pleasantly surprised by how Gallagher has gotten a nice push. He isn’t the champion but they’re already tweaking his character and constantly making Gallagher look like the tough British gentlemen that he is.

After, possibly, the best 205 Live match to date Gallagher makes Daivari forfeit via the umbrella choke.

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