WWE NXT: 1.18.17 Spewin’ Snark Recap w/ Cameron Dougharty

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Nikki Cross v. Kennedy Lewis

Nikki Cross is exactly what the women’s division needed in NXT. After Ember Moon there isn’t any talent that is capable of having a good/believable feud with Asuka. Cross could be the one to stop Asuka’s winning streak.

Dash and Dawson may go down as not only the best tag team in NXT history but years from now they could be considered the best WWE tag team of all time. Both guys can talk their asses off and they showed it tonight putting TM61 to shame on the mic.

Roderick Strong v. Steve Cutler

Roddy Strong was one of my favorite independent wrestlers in the world. Since his debut at NXT he hasn’t exactly went straight to the top of the card but it HAS TO BE SOONER THAN LATER, right? If the WWE will book him as the jerk that he most certainly can be they will have a top heel for years to come.

Eric Young and the rest of Sanity tried to get Tye Dillinger to join them like he’s Randy Orton or something, smh. Young and Dillinger is going to be one hell of a feud leading into Takeover: San Antonio.

TM 61 v. The Revival

I could watch these two tag teams all day and night. Both members of TM61 have really come a long way since their debut making NXT’s tag team division very, very deep. 61 picked up the cheap win over The Revival but the top guys were sure to remind them how dangerous they can be after the match.

Shinsuke Nakamura and Bobby Roode signed their contract for the NXT Championship match the night before the Royal Rumble. On a side note, I haven’t commented on this yet but the commentary team of Tom Phillips and Percy Watson is beyond terrible, the worst commentating team in the WWE. Save us all Nigel Mcgunniess and Steve Corino, PLEASE!

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