NXT Takeover San Antonio 1. 28.17: Spewin’ Snark Recap w/ Cameron Dougharty

1. If the WWE keeps Sanity together through Eric Young and companies’ main roster debut then I would love to see them against The Wyatt Family.

Young and Tye Dillinger both proved that the NXT roster is not only deep but very, very talented as they continued their feud after Young picked up the win. Does Dillinger debut tomorrow night at number 10?

2. Roderick Strong is the man, I said it when he debuted and I’ll scream it if I have to, he will be a champion sooner than later. Cien Almas may be the biggest miss right now in NXT: My previous column a few weeks ago explaining how the WWE just wanting to sign everyone that they want/can. For that’s the case, Cien is just a tragedy of it.

3. DIY is the tag team of the future for NXT so them dropping the belts wasn’t quite the worst thing that happened. The Authors of Pain put on arguably their best performance since their debut. So, in short, it’s always better for the face to chase, right?

3.5 Bro, did the WWE sign/trying to sign Matt Riddle?

4. Asuka is the queen of NXT so I had no doubt she was going to retain. Not to take away anything from the match. I thought Nikki Cross, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay all performed well but Asuka is in a class of her own.

5. Booby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura were having a match of the year caliber battle until the injury angle with Nakamura. I’m not a fan of faking injuries with top guys; who needs that karma? Roode still wins the belt in a good guy ISH way, which was, ultimately the right call.

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