WWE RAW 1.30.17 News and Notes: Major Debut, Universal Title Match and More!


Sorry for the delay in this review. Heather has been doing a great job reviewing RAW, but she had another commitment tonight. And I just got back from work, so I will touch on the big news of the night!

Samoa Joe Made His Debut Attacking Seth Rollins

-This was quite the surprise. Triple H’s promo made it seem like this would happen toward the end, but I did not expect this at all going into the show. First, Rollins cut a GREAT promo on Stephanie McMahon earlier in the night. It was the badass Rollins we have been wanting to see forever. He said he has nothing left to lose, and even said Steph left Hunter disappointed every night. Rollins also subtly threatened Steph’s kids, but I’m okay with it because it made Rollins come off as a loose cannon.

Triple H came out to close the show. As Rollins made his way to the ring after Triple H’s promo, Samoa Joe attacked Rollins before he could get into the ring. Joe choked out Rollins to close the show.

It is an interesting setup. I’m under the assumption that Rollins/HHH is still on for Mania. But Joe was rumored to be facing Cena, so why debut him on RAW? It also puts the WWE in an odd predicament heading into RAW’s Fastlane PPV. Assuming Joe faces Rollins, neither one can afford to lose, especially if Joe is going into a match with Cena still. I guess we will have to wait to see Joe’s response next week.

Brock Lesnar Called Out Goldberg For Wrestlemania

-Brock Lesnar arrived with Paul Heyman. Heyman did his best trying to get us hyped for another Lesnar/Goldberg match. He brought up how everyone has an opponent that is their kryptonite. He also said there is a “yeah but” when people talk about Brock now because of what Goldberg did to him. Lesnar and Heyman both POINTED at the Wrestlemania sign, challenging Goldberg to one more match. All I have to say is please don’t let this be for the Universal Title. I barely have any enthusiasm left for another match.

BRAUN Strowman defeated Kevin Owens via DQ after Roman Reigns interfered

-At the beginning of the show, it was revealed that Kevin Owens promised BRAUN a Universal Title shot in exchange for his help last night. Mick Foley made the match. BRAUN then proved he was the smartest heel ever when he attacked Chris Jericho at the announce table on the way to the ring and chokeslammed him through it. The match ended when Roman Reigns spearing BRAUN on the outside of the ring, then KO inside the ring.

I’m guessing they are going to do Reigns/BRAUN at Fastlane. They better not have BRAUN lose to Roman. Hopefully Undertaker costs Reigns the match. Building BRAUN up like this to feed him to Reigns at a meaningless February PPV is stupid.

Other Notes

-Sasha Banks showed signs of a heel turn tonight. Not that it will come any time soon. But Sasha told Bayley that unlike her, she doesn’t like coming up short. Then the ref stopped her match with Nia Jax and she looked frustrated on her way to the back. Down the line, I bet Sasha snaps and takes out Bayley.

-Poor Handsome Rusev did the job to Enzo in a tag match. When will this guy ever catch a break???

-Sami Zayn beat Chris Jericho in a nice non-title match. I’m guessing Zayn gets a U.S. Title match down the line.

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