WWE NXT: 2.1.17 Spewin’ Snark Recap w/ Cameron Dougharty

NXT Logo - 2012

Following NXT Takeover San Antonio I thought Percy Watson would have been fired, sadly I was wrong. If they aren’t ready to let Austin Aries wrestle yet let the man call the show he’d be in the main event of. There were only three matches on this episode of NXT and a whole bunch of recaps and interviews from Saturday’s show.

Ember Moon v. Aliyah

Depending on how long Asuka is going to stay at NXT will definitely dictate when Moon or any other female talent will hold the NXT women’s title.

Ember Moon defeats Aliyah with ease and continues to be living and fighting proof NXT can develop stars and not just sign them.

UK Champion Tyler Bate v. Oney Lorcan

The match, before it even started, was worth the $9.99 for this month’s network subscription.

Oney was an interesting signing for the WWE. On the indies, as Biff Busick, showed great in ring ability with the strong style. He hasn’t really had much tv time, he may fall in that category I hate putting NXT talent in.
Tyler Bate wins after an instant NXT Classic match.

Elias Samson v. No Way Jose

Samson and No Way Jose are two of the same. Both guys, though Jose may be over more, are kind of stuck in this mid card area. Generally the mid card area of NXT either gets you released/part of the Florida loop forever or promoted to the main roster where the chances of rising up the card are slim to none, unless your name is Alexa Bliss or Xavier Woods.

Jose wins the dark match main event before the TakeOver ppv started.

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